Street Team: Your book launch’s secret weapon – Part 2

by Misty M. Beller, @MistyMBeller

Yesterday, we talked about how to build your launch team. If you missed it, you can read it HERE. Today, we’re going to build on that topic by covering some great ways to interact and inspire your team. Ready? Let’s jump in!

What should you give your launch team in return for their help?

Free ARCs (advance reader copies) are a given. (Sorry, couldn’t help the pun.)

Tip for traditionally published authors

Your publisher probably already has a standard format for distributing ARCs. Some larger publishers send paperback copies directly to those on your launch team, and only need you to provide names and addresses for each person.

Other publishers will provide you with a PDF or eBook files to distribute to your team. Still others use services like NetGalley to send out ARCs. Make sure you know what your publisher is planning and what they need from you, BEFORE you contact your launch team about a new release.

For indie authors

There are great FREE programs out there to help authors convert and distribute ARC files in formats that make it easy for your launch team members to read. Calibre is a useful (free) software to convert a Word document to mobi files (for Kindles) and epub files (for iBooks, Nook, and most other ereaders). Other options are Vellum (if you have a Mac) or Draft 2 Digital’s new ebook formatting options. is a helpful resource to distribute the ereader files to your team. It makes the process to download the file onto their ereader as simple as possible, and BookFunnel’s customer service is top notch. Other options are or Pronoun (if you use them to distribute your book to at least one retailer).


Beyond ARCs, have fun with it! Here are some fun freebies to share with your team, if you have the opportunity and/or means:

  • Insider info, such as the first opportunity to see cover art for your upcoming releases.
  • Let them help name characters or choose settings.
  • I like to give my team the choice to receive either eBook or paperback copies (signed with a note to them).
  • Book swag created for your author brand, such as bookmarks, mugs printed with your book cover, etc.
  • Christmas ornaments engraved with your author or book name. has some creative options here!
  • Generally speaking, the more you connect with your team, the more they’ll want to promote your books.

A word of caution above, Amazon’s review requirements are strict about giving gifts in exchange for reviews, so you’ll want to be careful to avoid any language about ‘requiring reviews’ in exchange for any of the benefits received by being on your launch team.

Make it easy to share your book on social media

 People are more likely to share your book when you make it easy for them! There are a couple of ways you can do this:

  • The simplest way is to create several Twitter and Facebook posts that people can copy and post to their respective accounts. (Make sure you include a buy link for your book!) You can simply include these in an email to your launch team, or paste them on a Word document you send out.
  • A more sophisticated method would be to create a share page on your website. Using a tool like com, you can create prewritten posts where people only need to click to post your message on any of the social media platforms you include. You can even add memes or other images for easy posting. People are more likely to share your message when you make it possible with only a click or two.

Tips on Interacting with your Launch Team

  • Know your goals for the team and be clear up front about expectations. Do you want them to focus on reviews only, or is social media sharing important to you?
  • Send ARCs to your team at least 2-3 months before release, or as early as possible.
  • Include links for where to post reviews in your emails to your list. Don’t forget Goodreads!
  • Even if you haven’t made a big deal about your team sharing on social media, make it easy for those who choose to do so!
  • Many authors like to create a Facebook Group for their launch team to interact with each other and spread the enthusiasm. If you do this, make your group privacy setting “Closed Group” so your members will be able to share meme’s directly from the group.

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Misty M. Beller writes Christian historical romance, and is a hybrid author of thirteen novels, as well as a non-fiction book for authors, How to Market a Book Release. With over thirteen years working in professional project management and marketing, Misty uses her experience in the corporate world to develop best practices in her writing and book marketing efforts. It is her passion to help other authors on this same journey. Misty teaches courses and workshops at writers’ conferences around the U.S., educating authors on effective book marketing approaches and helping them apply that knowledge to their own books. Get regular marketing tips and learn more about her marketing group coaching courses at