Thoughts on Writing a Series

by Linore Rose Burkard, @LinoreRBurkard

When I wrote my first YA/Suspense PULSE, I didn’t expect to write a sequel. Today, having finished three volumes in The Pulse Effex Series, I’m grateful for many readers who wanted more and thus spurred me on.

I didn’t plan from the beginning to write a trilogy. But when I stayed in the world of the story, it developed.

A similar thing happened after I wrote my first novel, Before the Season Ends. In this case, it was the world of Regency England I was immersed in. Again, I had no idea of writing a trilogy but that’s what happened.

When Harvest House Publishers asked me if I could write a sequel, I did. When they offered a contract for a third book, suddenly I had ideas for it.

Takeaway: Our brains are capable of producing way more than we expect or give ourselves credit for.

If you’re starting a book and want to write a series, don’t feel that you need to know the end from the beginning. Even though you are the author, you’re not God. You’ll learn and grow on the way, just like the characters in your stories. And those characters, if you’ve developed them into real people, will lead you into the drama and conflict that is necessary to sustain a novel—or three, or however long your series may be.

The key is to keep writing. Explore the lives of your characters until you locate their hot spots and areas of conflict—and make the most of both.

I’m sure there’s much to be said for planning a series before you write book one, but my experience is that it’s not strictly necessary. (Are you a panster and not a plotter? This is good news!)

It may not be a viable option for some novels, but in many cases an author can take a stand-alone novel and expand it into a series. You can find, as I did, that when you keep writing and stay in the world of the story, the saga develops.

To Your Success and God’s Glory!


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Thoughts on Writing a Series by Linore Rose Burkard (Click to Tweet)

Your brain is capable of producing more than you think.~ Linore Rose Burkard (Click to Tweet)

Often an author can take a stand-alone novel and expand it into a series. ~ Linore Rose Burkard (Click to Tweet)

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Linore Rose Burkard
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