Softball and Author?

Brooke Cox is a
creative and feisty old tomboy and softball player. Last October was her 30th
wedding anniversary to her high school sweetheart, Tim. Their daughter Sara recently married and they proudly have 3 grand doggies. She has been writing or
“making up stories” before she learned how to write. Unfortunately, she didn’t get
serious about writing until after she had her daughter. She spent the previous years working
her way through college. She  still managed to graduate Summa Cum Laude. By the
way, there are days she would love to roll in infield dirt again.
What sparked the story for this novel?
A joke. I used
to joke about how I never fit in with my immediate family. Then I got to
thinking about it. I wanted to reach out to others who didn’t always fit in
either. I wanted them to know the only One we need to worry about pleasing is
Jesus. It went from there.
Share a bit of your journey to
publication. Was it short or long?
L-o-n-g. I
took classes on honing my craft for years, but the most important step I took
toward publication was joining the ACFW.
What would you do if you didn’t write?
I have a
degree in Accounting, but I don’t like doing that. What I love is doing taxes,
so I would probably get back into tax preparation. At one time I wanted to take
the enrolled agent’s test.
What makes you struggle as an author?
How do you handle it?
I struggle
with selling myself. I love the challenge of taking an idea and spinning it out
into a story. But selling that story to a publisher or reader is difficult for
me. First, I pray about it. Second, I read encouraging blogs and book from
other writers. Third, I give myself a little kick in the pants.
Where do you write: In a cave, a
coffeehouse, or a cozy nook?
No, I don’t
really have a place as much as a mood. I can write anywhere as long as I have
music to listen to. Music is my muse.
Do you prefer the creating or editing
aspect of writing? Why?
I love the
creating aspect. I have often said that I believe my being creative is part of
the reason God put me on this plant. And I am a math/science girl-not a grammar
girl!  I’d rather work an equation than
diagram a sentence.
Do you consider yourself a visual
writer? If so, what visuals do you use?
My mind’s eye.
When I write out a scene, I see it in my head as if I were watching a movie. And
I will try to imagine myself actually there. For example, what do I smell or
What are your top 3 recommendations for
a new writer?
yourself permission to think outside of the box
stop learning about or honing your craft
a writer’s group. I have been in the ACFW for years and have made many
wonderful and supportive friends there.
Then what 3 things would recommend not doing?
ever give up
compare yourself with other writers. You can always learn from them, but their
writing journey is different from yours.
write only to get paid. There are places I write for and don’t receive any
money, but I get my name and work out there.
What’s next for you?
Many things I
hope. I have other book ideas I’m working on. I want to get into speaking, but
I want to have a comedic edge to it. I love being goofy. I’ve had lots of
practice at it. And I want to get into Christian novelties. I have used my
poems as specialty gifts to my friends and they absolutely love them.
Deadly Doll
Adventurous twelve-year old Brooksie discovered a hidden
room in her grandparent’s attic. She opened up an old hat box and found her
mother’s favorite childhood doll wrapped up inside. Brooksie’s
great-grandfather sent it from Alaska and it was believed to have burned in the
trash pile years ago. After showing it to her father, he takes it from her. A
few days later he was murdered and the doll becomes a faded memory until it
reappeared six years later after a freak accident. What was it about the doll
that people kept hiding it? Could finding the doll have played a part in her
dad’s murder? If the doll had remained hidden would he still be alive? Brooksie
and her best friend Darlene delve deep into the doll mystery which has them
learning about a past that Brooksie never knew existed.
Along the way, Brooksie’s thirst for adventure and
acceptance has the girls stumbling on the edge of danger. What shocking family
secrets might she find and could they change her life? Will she finally
understand why God made her so different from the rest of her family and will
it draw her closer to Him? Can Brooksie finally accept who she is?