Sunday Devotion-Christa Allan

Christa Allan

God spoke to me this morning. Okay, not in one of those Charleton Heston burning bush in the middle of Paramount (or whatever) Studio kind of ways or my phone ringing with an unidentified caller ID. No, it was during my morning Bible study that I experienced one of those “aha” moments that could only be defined as God speaking to and through me because I’m just not that dern smart.
I woke up school-day early for a Saturday because Ken was leaving for an out-of-town-semi-business trip, and I wanted to be conscious when he kissed me good-bye. He increased the odds of that by bringing me a cup of coffee before I was fully vertical; you gotta love that man!
Anyway, after he left and after one of the cats threw up three times on the newly cleaned wood floors (I know, TMI), I snuggled into my reading corner with a fresh cup of coffee and my new Women’s Devotional Bible .
This morning’s devotional was Philippians 1-4 and, in my reading, I’m stuck on this line about how–if I think differently from what I should be thinking, “…that too God will make clear…” to me. So, why that seemed so profound to me, I’m not sure. But, I felt reassured that God is busy fashioning just the lenses I need for my short-sightedness, and He’s not going to let me wallow in my own stupidity. Of course, my brain knows He’s God, and He knows that I know that He knows , but this morning it just felt so much more clear in my heart.
Anyway–that’s not even the epiphany. What happened next was such a moment of clarity that it was as if God had angels on instant FedEx deliver a new pair of glasses. Paul talks about God transforming our lowly bodies so that they’ll be like His glorious body (3:21), and I’m about to giggle thinking what a joy it will be to see my thighs transformed (assuming God is not built like JLo), when–SMACK–OUCH–WOW.
What if, Christa, you spent all the time, money, and energy on your spiritual body as you did on your physical body?
Time spent exercising, thinking about exercising, money spent on food and dieting and books about food and dieting, and energy spent on hair and nails, and then there’s that whole cooking thing to feed the body, and do I really need to mention all the clothes issues?
How much of my life do I devote to a physical body, not even counting the emotional angst? God looks at me and sees Calista Flockhart or pre-mommy days Nicole Ritchie, shakes His head and wonders why I continue to ignore all that good spiritual food He makes available for me–and catch this–free.
If Bible study’s my appetizer, then heaven’s going to be the best cheesecake ever.