What is Love?

by Yvonne Lehman, @YvonneLehman

When I gave the call-out for Loving Moments articles, I knew the end result would provide me with a greater understanding of love. I knew the articles would be varied, meaningful, delightful, and as inspiring as they have been in the seven other Moments books.

Love—a valid word that can be applied to…bugs…or our Savior dying on the cross for our sins.

And that’s what you’ll find in this recent release. Both professional and never-before published authors share their stories, revealing the many faces of love. They remind us of how important are family, friends, provision, simple joys, and moments of delight.

Why would these hundreds of authors eagerly submit stories to these eight books (and more coming!) for no payment, other than one free copy? Because, since the first one, lives have been inspired and changed. They are delighted to donate all royalties to Samaritans Purse, an organization providing spiritual and physical aid to hurting people around the world.

These generous contributors certainly deserve some recognition. Those in this collection are:

Ellen Andersen, Sheryl M. Baker, Robin Bayne, Mason K. Brown, Elsie H. Brunk, LeAnn Campbell, Rebecca Carpenter, John Chaney, Josh Clevenger, Andrea Cronrod, Jeanne Doyon, Kritin Tobin Dossett, Terri Elders, Debra Elliott, Georgia Florey-Evans, Dorothy Floyd, Janice S. Garey, Theresa Jenner Garrido, Dianna Good, Carol Graham, Kay Harper, Lydia E. Harris, Lori Hatcher, Judith Victoria Hensley, Helen L. Hoover, Cynthia Howerter, Amanda Hughes, Alice Klies, Nancy Julien Kopp, Barbara Latta, Marcia Lee Laycock, Yvonne Lehman, Diana Leagh Matthews, Beverly Hill MKinney, Lenora McWhorter, Julie Miller, Marybeth Mitcham, Vicki H. Moss, Marilyn Nutter, Colleen L. Reece, Phyllis A. Robeson, Toni Armstrong Sample, Karen Sawyer, Beverly Sce, Cindy Sproles, Shari Struyk, Annmarie B. Tait, Donn Taylor, Myrtle V. Thompson, Ann Greenleaf Wirtz. Books are available on line or from Grace Publishing.

Past collections are Divine Moments, Christmas Moments, Spoken Moments, Precious Precarious Moments, More Christmas Moments, Stupid Moments,and Additional Christmas Moments. Merry Christmas Moments is scheduled for November 2017.

Writers and anyone with a story are welcome to submit your stories. Up-coming collections are Coola-nary Moments (culinary mishaps & recipes), Christmas 2018, Romantic Moments, Personal Titanic Moments, Broken Moments, and Questionable Moments. For more information you may contact  me at yvonnelehman3@gmail.com.

Although a lot of instruction isn’t generally needed for these personal, true stories, I do teach a “Writing for the Moments” class at various conferences. The next one is October 8-12, at my Blue Ridge “Autumn in the Mountains” Novelist Retreat held at Ridgecrest NC. www.yvonnelehman.com – We also teach craft, creativity, movies, and social media. Would love for you to join us!

Wishing you a very Loving Life!


What is Love? @YvonneLehman on @NovelRocket #writing http://bit.ly/2xzyYGl

Because, since the first one, lives have been inspired and changed. @YvonneLehman on @NovelRocket #writing http://bit.ly/2xzyYGl

50 authors and 59 stories that tell of meaningful, inspiring faces of love. @YvonneLehman @NovelRocket #writing http://bit.ly/2xzyYGl


Loving Moments

59 stories from 50 authors that tell of varied, meaningful and inspiring faces of love.


Yvonne Lehman is an award-winning, best-selling author of more than 3,000,000 books in print, who founded and directed the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference for 25 years, is now director of the Blue Ridge “Autumn in the Mountains” Novelist Retreat. She earned a Master’s Degree in English from Western Carolina University and has taught English and Creative Writing on the college level. Her latest releases include Have Dress Will Marry (Heart of a Cowboy collection, Mountainbrook Ink), Better Latte Than Never (Winged Publications), Stupid Moments and Additional Christmas Moments in the non-fiction Divine Moments series (Grace Publishing). Her popular 50th novel is Hearts that Survive – A Novel of the TITANIC, which she signs periodically at the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge TN.