Live from ACFW

It is ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) Conference time and many of our contributors are here this weekend. 

We all know that conferences are great ways to meet agents and editors, but why do multi-published authors return year after year? We caught up with several of our authors and this is what they had to say:

“ACFW is a massive family reunion where you like all the members of your family.”~ James L. Rubart

“I choose to return to ACFW just about every year for several reasons. One, because of the amazing classes that are offered, two, the invaluable connections I always seem to make, and three, because it’s always fun to hang out with old friends and new.”  ~Lynette Eason

“As a Board Member, I come each year to help lead, teach, and soak in the wisdom and friendship of fellow writers. I love ACFW’s three-fold mission: inspiring writers to join God in the creative process, training them in the craft of writing, and educating them about the publishing industry and options.” ~Allen Arnold

“ACFW is like coming home. My people are there, and my people get me. Between the great teaching and the chance to network, I come home energized and ready to write every year.”~ Lindsay Harrel

“I love to see all the people who were involved in the local chapters of ACFW. And I love seeing all my friends that I only managed a hug once a year at the conference.”~ Ane Mulligan

“Attending the ACFW conference each year is like returning to a family reunion. I love the face-to-face connections & relationship building with friends, potential readers, and industry professionals.” ~ Lisa Jordan

“Writing is really hard for me. It taps my soul and takes everything I have to create characters that grapple with faith and love and big questions about life. And ACFW has become a well filler. Being surrounded and encouraged by others who truly understand the struggle is priceless, and hearing from speakers who remind me to create with my Creator prepares me for another year and another manuscript, no matter how hard will be to write.” ~ Liz Johnson

If you’ve never been to ACFW or haven’t been in a while start saving for ACFW 2018. It will be worth it!


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