Wishful Thinking (The Writer’s Lament)

by Linore Rose Burkard, @LinoreRBurkard

It’s summertime and the living is easy….right? Perhaps not. Most of us still slog to the office or work long hours. But whether you get to take a vacation, kick your feet up, enjoy a splash at the shore—or not—I offer this post in the spirit of summer fun.

It happened the other morning as I was enjoying the swing in my backyard. Looking around at the explosion of early summer growth in the garden and flower beds, I saw chores waiting. Chores I hadn’t gotten to because of my writing, mostly. And so I did what any writer would do: (No, I didn’t don the gardening gloves and get to work.) I wrote a poem! Yes, it’s an exaggeration, but I think many of us who tend home and family and garden as well as writing novels will admit to entertaining such “Wishful Thinking.”
Enjoy, and happy summer!

Wishful Thinking (The Writer’s Lament)
If I had no books to write
my house would sparkle, clean.
My garden would be weeded
and my porch would be pristine.
The lawn, no doubt, be greener,
the flowers massed and bright;
Instead I have “if only!” sighs
when, sad, I view the sight.
If I had no books to write
The laundry would be done,
The children look their finest
and meals, five-course, if one.
If I had no books to write
I’d have no late fees looming
from bills unpaid or mail-stacks
laid in piles, all a-glooming.
The perfect house, and perfect meals
and family would be mine;
And so it’s well I write my books—
Or th’ illusion would unwind!
For if I had no books to write
The world’s imperfect, still.
And my poor soul would poorer be
without the writing thrill.
How glad! That I have books to write
(Despite no homestead Eden)
For writing’s more exciting
than “house beautiful” housekeeping!
©2017 Linore Rose Burkard

Permission is granted to copy this poem so long as proper credit is given to Linore Rose Burkard as the author, and with the URL LinoreBurkard.com.

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