Writing On Demand

by Michelle Griep, @MichelleGriep

I’m operating under a deadline. There’s a reason for the negativity of that word, because it’s freaking killing me. Okay, so maybe not all that dramatic, like I’m not currently bleeding out on the kitchen floor or anything. But being on a deadline means I have to write every day whether I feel like it or not. Most often I do, but some days, sheesh, I tell you . . .
So for my sanity — and yours — here is a handy dandy list of ideas to keep you on the writing track, or whatever track it is that you’re currently running on.
5 Techniques to Keep the Writing Juices Flowing

1. Find your happy writing place and go there.**For me, it’s a coffee shop. But not just any. Not the ones where I hang out with friends. There are a few select shops that once I walk through the door, I know I’ve got to yank out my computer and get down to business. If your happy place is a library, fine. A nearby park. Great. Wherever you can be most productive is where you need to be.
2. Make it a priority.**Morning is best. Your mind is the freshest. You haven’t had a wonky day yet. This is the time to crank out your most work and don’t let anything get in the way of that.
3. Stretch out the creative muscles before starting.**Read some great writing before you start your own writing. Or listen to some inspirational music. Or view some awesome pictures that make you wonder. Sometimes your creative battery needs a jump start.

4. Reward yourself.**If a triple mocha with whipped cream and an espresso bean on top is what it takes to make you feel like a little champion, then get one. Better your pants dig in at the waist a bit and you conquer the world than you feel like a loser and lose your motivation.
5. Don’t overthink it.**Just do it. Don’t worry if what you’re putting out is perfection. Chances are it’s not. At least you’ll have something to work with later on, right?

Your ability to write does not depend on your muse riding up on a unicorn and sweeping you off your feet. All it takes is for you to park your rear in a chair long enough to force out some words. Inspiration and motivation are lovely to have, but if you’re going to make it in the writerly world, you’ll have to suck it up and write on demand, whether you feel like it or not.


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