The Power of Pinterest

By DiAnn Mills, @diannmills

Pinterest claims to have 100 million active monthly users while noting 176 million registered users. Those stats are amazing, especially when writers are geared up to market and promote a new book.

Using Pinterest for promoting novels allows writers to expand their creativity. An easy way to entice a reader to check out our work involves pulling out special sections of the novel that can be translated into a picture or meme.
Story symbols and products and services have the ability to represent key aspects of the book and urge the reader to investigate further. For example: is your character a Starbucks, Coke, or McDonalds fan? Does the character thrive on baseball or tennis? Does your character take long walks by the ocean to ease her mind?

Snippets of the setting make the story come alive.

Photos of the writer engaged in the writing process or involved in something fun links the passion of the writer for the story.

Quotes from the story—those witty comments that can be humorous, insightful, or way deep. (In fact, we writers often wonder where they came from.)

Now that you have an idea what to use for your novel’s Pinterest board, stir up your creative juices and let the writer’s uniqueness shine.

  1. Create a new board for your novel. If the book hasn’t been released, make sure this is a “secret” board.
  2. Study the psychology of color. Use what attracts readers to your books.
  3. Organize what you want to pin on your story’s board.
  4. Create memes for setting and symbols. PicMonkey is an easy way to personalize and make your designs powerful. Use free stock photos from such sites as Pixabay, Unsplash, Negative Space, or Stock Snap.
  5. Use a plain canvas background or a pic to focus on a quote. Again PicMonkey is an amazing tool.
  6. Include your url on each pic. This brings traffic to your website and invites repins.
  7. Use keywords to organize and complete the necessary description for your pins. This ensure your story and brand are easy to find.
  8. Add the Pinterest button to your website.
  9. Make your board public on the day before your book’s official release date.
  10. Share your board and pins via social media with friends and readers. Others are excited to see a new perspective on the story.
  11. Follow others on Pinterest and they will follow you.

I love this simple and easy way to show readers the fun and exciting parts of my book. How do you use Pinterest to market and promote your work?


The Power of Pinterest by DiAnn Mills (Click to Tweet)

Writers using Pinterest allows them to expand their creativity.~ DiAnn Mills (Click to Tweet)

How do you use Pinterest to market and promote your work? ~ DiAnn Mills (Click to Tweet)

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