Author Newsletters ~ A Love/Hate Relationship

by Michelle Griep @MichelleGriep

Recently I attended a writing day with some authorly type buddies of mine. These are the big kids. The ones who’ve zipped around the writerly block on their scooters a time or two — without skinning their knees. Honestly, I just try to keep my mouth shut so drool doesn’t leak out at the corners.

Anyway, the topic of author newsletters came up. They all have one. Every last one . . . except for moi. Talk about peer pressure.

So, I voiced my biggest concern, that hey, who really needs one more stupid piece of spam filling their inbox? But here’s the deal . . . apparently when people sign up for a newsletter, they actually want the dang thing. Go figure.
Hence my little venture into researching the ins and outs of author newsletters. Want to know what makes for a great one and what makes one end up in the trash? 

What To Put Into a Newsletter

  • snappy content that has takeaway value for the reader, in bullet points or links, not uber long paragraphs

  • an attention grabbing subject line

  • introduce readers to something that expands their world — a new author buddy, for instance
  • a call to action — nothing grandiose like save all the starving children in Zimbabwe, but a smaller task such as be my friend on Goodreads
  • an unsubscribe button — which seems counterintuitive but makes for happy, happy people
  • timely updates on new products, such as new books
  • a forward button or social media share buttons so your readers can spread the love

What To Leave Out of a Newsletter

  • sales pitches that beat the soup out of the reader
  • pop-ups
  • third-grade grammar mistakes
  • fonts galore with crazy type-sizes turning the whole page into a clown-filled circus

After all this research (and peer pressure), I guess I’ll give this newsletter thing a whirl, probably three times a year. What are some of your favorite things about newsletters? Anything I missed? Leave your sage advice in the comment section.

Author Michelle Griep


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