The Adventures of Writing

The life of a writer can be pretty exciting. Yes, I really believe that. As writers we often say we have a solitary life, because many of us are introverts, and our lives outside our writing world are often limited to social media, or visiting with the characters in our books. So how can a writer’s life be exciting?
Everyday is a new adventure. The adventure is up to you. Maybe you write romantic suspense and your character is on a cross-country trip—can you say research/road trip? J I recently attended the ACFW conference in Nashville and visited with an author who traveled to all the places he included in his books. He has travelled all over the world for no other reason except he is a writer.
Maybe traveling isn’t an option for you, but that’s okay. You can still travel vicariously through online research.
The fork in the road leads to all kinds of possibilities. You get to decide what your characters do next. Will you make life miserable for them, or will you show a little grace and allow a moment of relief? The world traveler I referred to above stated he likes to make his characters experience a lot of pain. So much so that he is often brought to tears as he writes. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been in tears as well when I’ve been writing. Talk about living an emotional rollercoaster—definitely not boring.
Social media. I know many authors consider social media a necessary evil, but it doesn’t have to be. Think about your interests. Perhaps you enjoy pictures, then try Instagram or Pinterest. Or maybe you don’t have a lot of time, but your publisher wants you to market—Twitter keeps things short and sweet. Plus you get to choose who you follow, so you get to see the kind of things you want to see. Maybe you like to interact with readers, friends and family, but you don’t have the time meet in person, then Facebook could be a great tool. Facebook groups are an easy way to interact with readers and keep up with family and friends. But user beware many people find Facebook to be an addicting.
Sense of satisfaction. If you create writing goals and meet them then you will receive instant gratification. There is nothing like the feeling of accomplishing ones goals. The greatest sense of satisfaction I get is when a reader enjoys one of my books and tells me. Those moments bring out the kid in me, and I’ve been known to do a little happy dance.
Let’s make the most out of our writing lives today and enjoy the process a little more than we did yesterday.
Can the mystery of Christmas unite two hurting hearts?

Bailey Calderwood gives all she has to her job as an interior design assistant, but her best isn’t good enough for her demanding, bed-ridden boss. For some unexplained reason Mona has turned against her. At least not everyone is out to get her. A mysterious admirer is sending her cards and flowers. Could it be her boss’s son who’s recently returned home in time for the holidays?

Stephen Belafonte rushes home from France to be with his mother after her stroke, and is surprised by the rift between his mom and Bailey, her assistant. When his mom demands he fire Bailey, he’s torn between respecting his mother’s wishes and doing what’s best for the family business. Can Stephen find a way to heal the rift in his family as well his own heart, or will he be forced to let Bailey go? 

Kimberly Rose Johnson married her college sweetheart and lives in the Pacific Northwest. From a young child Kimberly has been an avid reader. That love of reading fostered a creative mind and led to her passion for writing.

She especially loves romance and writes contemporary romance that warms the heart and feeds the soul.

Kimberly holds a degree in Behavioral Science from Northwest University in Kirkland, Washington. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers.

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