#Writers Conferences

I love writer’s conferences. I’m addicted to them. Where else can I get my annual fix? No where, that’s where. Why? Because “normals” don’t get us. When you’re at a writer’s conference and say, “I’m sorry, I didn’t get that. I was listening to my character explain why she won’t go to Cucamonga.” 

Say that around a “normal” and you’ll get looks like this and they quickly turn and walk away.

But not other writers. They can sit for hours talking about writing, plotting, how to get emotions just right.

We were out to dinner with friends. One of them mentioned that I was an author, and immediately Hubs leans over and says, “Don’t start talking about books.”

Normals just don’t get it. So I live for the annual ACFW conference and the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. I’m excited to be teaching a workshop this year. I also got to teach at last year’s BRMCWC. I really love to share what I’ve learned. 

My highlight this year is rooming with my two critique partners, Genghis Griep and Ludwig von Frankenpen. We don’t get face time very often since we all live in different states.

So, what’s your favorite part about writers’ conferences? The learning? The hugs from friends? Late night brainstorming?