She Turned Pygmalion Upside Down

Pepper Basham is an
award-winning author who writes romance peppered with grace and humor. She
currently resides in the lovely mountains of Asheville, NC where she is the mom
of 5 great kids, speech-pathologist to about fifty more, lover of chocolate,
jazz, and Jesus, and proud AlleyCat over at The Writer’s Alley. Her debut
historical romance novel, The Thorn Bearer, released in May 2015, with the
second novel arriving in February 2016. Her first contemporary romance debuts
in April 2016. You can find Pepper on her website,
Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
I love classic movies,
especially musicals. It probably helps that I’m married to a musical kind of
guy and live with a musically-inclined family, but I’ve always enjoyed the
whole dancing, singing storylines.
Now as some of you know,
I’m a speech-language pathologist by day. When I worked at East Tennessee State
University in their Communication Disorders department, I had the wonderful
opportunity to learn more about accent modification therapy. I’ve known about
it for a while as part of my profession, but never had the opportunity to
really practice the therapy. Oh what fun!
Accents are not considered disorders,
only differences, but some people (actors, people transplanting from one
country to another, etc) need/want to either learn a new accent or decrease the
‘thickness’ of their own for one reason or other.
At the same time I was
learning this, I pulled out one of my all-time-favorite musicals, My Fair Lady. Let me just say…Audrey
Hepburn is lovely to watch! Anyway, in the middle of watching it this idea
popped into my mind. What if….
My Fair Lady or the play it’s based on, Pygmalion,
took place in this time period. 
Wouldn’t that be funny?
And then, my
speech-pathology brain kicked in. What if…
The ‘professor’ was a
And then, my love for the
Blue Ridge Mountains kicked in. What if…
It took place in the
mountains and “Eliza Doolittle” became a charming cattle farmer.
Thus, the idea of A Twist of Faith was born.
Because I’m a big
proponent of my culture and one of the most important things in my southern
Appalachian culture is family, it naturally became one of the strongest points
of the story. Another VERY important aspect of this culture is ‘home’.
It was SUCH a wonderful
journey to pull in so many things I love to create A Twist of Faith. Appalachia, speech therapy, university work,
family, good food, home, humor, romance, and, of course, STORY!
I hope you’ll find the
beauty of ‘finding home and forgiveness’ wrapped within these pages!

Love does not have an accent …
Dr. Adelina Roseland has worked ten years in research as an accent
reduction specialist to attain her dream job. But a secret wager to transform
Appalachian cattle farmer Reese Mitchell into corporate material challenges
Adelina in ways she never expected, threatening her new position.
For one, Adelina didn’t plan for the faith and friction of Reese, or
the unexpected influence of his chaotic family. Now, drawn into a culture she’d
tried to forget, Adelina finds the warmth of family, the hope of faith, and the
joy of love melting away the deep wounds of her past.
But when Reese discovers that he’s a
pawn in her climb up the academic ladder, will he forgive Adelina s deceit or
will their miscommunication end in two broken lives?