Of Moose and Men ~ by Torry Martin

by Yvonne Lehman
I want to introduce you to
one of the most delightful books I’ve ever read. Here are a few of my writers
group members talking about Of Moose and
(… lost and found in Alaska).

Well, Torry Martin is one
of the most delightful persons I’ve ever met. The hardest part in writing about
Torry is that he’s so multi-faceted, multi-talented, it’s hard to bring it down
into a few words.
In a few words: Torry is
an award-winning actor, screenwriter, comedian, speaker and teacher at writers
conferences, and has co-written screenplays for for several films.
Of Moose and Men is about his years in Alaska which he says were his hardest and the
happiest. This book is filled with stories that can make a person laugh out
loud (really loud! And for a long, long time! Even ROTFLOL!), cry, be scared to
death, and think seriously about life.
In the preface, we’re told
to “Bundle up in your long underwear and grab your bunny boots because we have
just crossed the Canadian border and entered Alaska.” Then when you do, just a
few of the things you encounter are: a moose getting its head stuck in Torry’s
window. A reindeer trapped in his kitchen. A bear almost preventing him from
leaving his cabin. And, he once woke up frozen to his floor. The amazing thing
is not that we encounter such things, but the way in which the stories come to
life in such hilarious, serious ways.
Torry experienced plenty
of miracles and mishaps, blunders and misfortunes, in the wilderness. He came
face-to-face with God and was changed forever.
I don’t think you’ll be
disappointed to journey with Torry as you read Of Moose and Men! It’s published by Harvest House Publishing and
available on Amazon.com and at Christian bookstores nationwide.
Torry says of this book’s
co-author, Doug Peterson, “He makes me sound smart! Not an easy feat, mind
you!” Doug is a Gold-Medallion-winning author of 60+ books including 42 for
Veggie Tales series and 4 historical novels, and writes for the University of
Torry Martin has
8 books of comedy sketches published by Lillenas Drama Publishing and is also the
creator of the character of Wooton Basset for Focus on the Family’s Adventures in Odyssey. He has written 11 full feature length
scripts with co-writer Marshal Younger, including the comedies The Boonies, Helen of Troy, TN, Heaven Bound
and The Matchbreaker. His most recent
acting roles were in the Taylor Swift parody of The Office, Hallmark’s The Ultimate
, and the feature films Heaven
, The Resurrection of Gavin
Stone, The Matchbreaker, Skid,
“Mountain Top. 
Visit Torry at www.torrymartin.com
@torry_martin, and Facebook: torrymartin.