I Need A Clone

It’s a gray day on the creek, this Tuesday before the
Wednesday I’m due to post brilliant words here. I don’t seem to have any on hand,
although I have a plethora of excuses for an empty page.
The accountant just sent new information for my taxes. It’s
the 12th: tax day approaches. I spent yesterday trying to record
samples of Heavy Weather to send to a
potential narrator, whose initial samples sound like Alabama instead of North
Carolina coastal. I may end up doing the audiobook myself, but that would take weeks, and do
I want to spend my time creating an audiobook instead of hiring an expert? And
then there’s my next Carolina Coast novel, stalled at chapter ten.
Well, not really stalled. I know where I’m going with it,
but I haven’t had time away from busyness to stick there. Because, of course, I
also have to market the other books.
And with the announcement that Heavy Weather is a finalist
in an RWA contest, I have momentum there, don’t I? Especially as I’ve neglected everything during my grandmothering stint over the last weeks.

I need a clone of me. You know, someone who could tackle the
tasks I hate. Remember Michael Keaton in Multiplicity? (A very funny movie.)

Well, here’s a me-clone. Sort of. (The program gave no options for wrinkles or hair that actually looks like mine, but, hey, who cares? She’s cute. I’d hire her.)

As you see, if I cloned me, I’d make myself a LOT younger. Think how efficient I’d be: the energy of youth, the mind uncluttered by the aging process.
Oh, yeah.
What about you? Which tasks would you assign a clone? The cooking, cleaning, and shopping? Marketing your work? Doing research?
What jobs do you love? Which do you hate?
I’d love to hear from you.

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