Casting Call: At Love’s Bidding by Regina Jennings

Every author dreams of seeing their work portrayed on the big screen, or even the small screen. When the time comes I want to be as helpful as possible, so here are my suggestions for the cast of the blockbuster production of At Love’s Bidding.

Natalie Portman as Miranda Wimplegate
Miranda is a beautiful woman, but she prefers to stay behind the scenes. She is most comfortable surrounded by the majestic works of art in her Boston auction house. When she travels to the wilds of the Ozark Mountains with her ailing grandfather, she’s forced to speak for herself and deal with an impossible situation. 
Scott Eastwood as Wyatt Ballentine
Wyatt Ballentine is the manager of the local livestock auction in Pine Gap, Missouri. Feeling like an outsider in his own town, he works tirelessly to prove himself. His older brother Isaac takes delight in antagonizing him and when the auction is bought by some stuffy Bostonians, Wyatt fears that his dreams to run his own business are coming to an end.
And here’s another picture of Wyatt, because, Wy-not?
Sean Connery as Grandfather Wimplegate
Grandfather is a dignified gentleman who embodies kindness and intelligence, but Grandfather is losing his edge. Lately he’s made some unexplainable mistakes that have put Miranda and her parents in jeopardy. Sir Connery would be able to handle this role with grace and dignity.
Johnny Lee Miller as Isaac Ballentine 
Wyatt’s older brother is a poet at heart. Isaac makes a great first impression and uses his considerable charm to oppose baby brother at every turn. When the lovely Miss Wimplegate and her grandfather come to town, Isaac gleefully welcomes them knowing that they are the last people Wyatt will want around.
Elle Fanning as Betsy Huckabee
Betsy Huckabee is a twelve-year-old terror. Part angel, part wolverine, Betsy is everywhere, gets into everything and spies on everyone. Miranda can’t make a move without Betsy reporting it to Wyatt.
William Moseley as Josiah Huckabee
Betsy’s big brother Josiah has a reputation as a prankster. He’s finding it hard to stop fooling around and be responsible, but if he wants to catch Katie Ellen Watson’s eye, that’s just what he’s gotta do.
Matt Smith as Cousin Cornelius
Miranda’s Cousin Cornelius is a doctor. He’s a phrenologist to be more exact, and that means that he can read your character and intelligence by measuring the shape of your skull. Cornelius has done an examination of Miranda and assures her that she does not have the capacity for courage. If Wyatt ever meets him, he’ll want to put a few new lumps on the doctor’s noggin.
John Mortlock of Cambridge and Abington Hall as the Painting of Monsieur LeBlanc
This is the painting that starts it all. This is the painting that sends Miranda and Grandfather on an adventure, but Wyatt’s life will be forever changed as well. Although technically an inanimate object, Monsieur LeBlanc has a lot to say about his journey. He was one of my favorite characters to write.
What do you think of the casting? Is there someone else you’d rather see in a movie version of At Love’s Bidding?

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