by Cynthia Ruchti

Groaning tables are more reality than metaphor during Thanksgiving week. If you listen closely, you can hear wood protesting the weight of platters and serving bowls, pie plates, elbows, and laughter.

An abundance of food passes from guest to guest. Then again. “More mashed potatoes anyone? There’s plenty more turkey. Another piece of pie, Uncle Paul?”

I’d like another helping, please. Of gratitude.

Even when the publishing climate registers high on the uncertainty scale, novelists don’t have to dig deep to find reasons to be grateful. As easy as it is to overeat, few manage to reach a point of over-gratitude.

GOD, THANK YOU for the outrageous joy we derive from creating with You.

GOD, THANK YOU for the gift of imagination.

GOD, THANK YOU for the power of story to rearrange us.

GOD, THANK YOU for meaningful work.

GOD, THANK YOU for the ability to cut and paste without scissors and tape.

GOD, THANK YOU for editors who catch our mistakes before they launch.

GOD, THANK YOU for cover designers, publicists, marketing managers, sales teams, pub boards, and friends with studied advice.

GOD, THANK YOU for wise and eloquent instructors.

GOD, THANK YOU for the wonder of writer friendships.

GOD, THANK YOU for sticky notes and highlighters.

GOD, THANK YOU for those who commit to pray for our stories and their impact.

GOD, THANK YOU for street teams, influencers, endorsers who invest in us.

GOD, THANK YOU for family members who lend their support the best ways they know.

GOD, THANK YOU for retailers and librarians and book clubs and reviewers.

GOD, THANK YOU for readers. 

GOD, THANK YOU for endurance, breakthroughs, and the gift of deadlines.

GOD, THANK YOU for inviting us to participate in what You can do with words. 

We groan with the weight of our gratitude. But we commit to ladling another helping, and another, and another until YOU are fully satisfied.

Novelist, child of God, what serving spoon of gratitude have I missed? We can always take a second plate and start fresh.

“Always give thanks to God the Father 
for everything 
in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
Ephesians 5:20 CEB