How a Writer Can Use Blab

What’s Blab? I’m glad you asked.

Blab is a live streaming video platform in which up to four video presenters can discuss a topic with each other and an unlimited number of viewers who may comment in the text box on the screen.

But instead of telling you about Blab, how about I show you?

If you’d like to join our live Blab today as we host the Teen Writers Publish! podcast, follow the link below and hit “Subscribe.” We hold an open chat before and after the show, so request a seat and give Blab a try!

Ron Estrada is the author of the Cherry Hill Series, fun YA paranormal with a touch of grace. He also hosts the Teen Writers Publish! podcast with co-host Gina Conroy.

When he’s not Periscoping, Blabbing, or napping, he’s working on the next novel. You can keep up with him at