Are You Frustrated?

by Nicole Petrino-Salter

Writing is a joy and a privilege and can be a marvelously fulfilling
experience, but it can be the opposite of those things just as easily.
Many of us have loved to write from as far back as we can remember.
Words have been woven into our lives from the beginning and never
completely disappeared. They might have had to be resurrected from a temporary
death, but they came alive at some point and managed to create stories, essays,
or however we morphed into using them in an organized form.
But then . . . sometimes frustration enters the fray.
Words refuse to assert themselves. Life takes over and demands attention.
Put-offs, delays, regression, motivation lags, dramatic interference.
Innumerable things to waylay writing. Do you wonder if it’s worth it? Will you
ever make a difference with your efforts?  
If you had to name your frustration(s), what would you say?
As believers, we recognize there is a reason for all things. Purpose
lurks behind every mishap and setback. Is that understanding enough for
us to regain confidence that writing will bloom again, resume its passion,
ignite our desires to create?
What are your frustrations? 
Nicole Petrino-Salter writes love stories with a passion. You can find
her here most days: Nicole Petrino-Salter