How an Author can use Periscope

Your first question is probably: why do I need a periscope?

For those of you not up on the latest social networking trends, Periscope is brought to us by the folks at Twitter. Users of Periscope make live video feeds to which their viewers can reply to via text on the screen. You can reply to them immediately, of course, since you’re the star of your live video.

I honestly believe that Periscope will be bigger than any social networking platform we’ve seen to date. Why? Because video, especially live video, is about as social as you can get. How can an author use it? Watch my Periscope video below, which I’ve saved to YouTube and embedded here. How’s that for multiple uses of one video post?

Watch and see…


If you’d like to learn more about Periscope, here’s the link to the web version: You can’t record a video there but you can watch a video if you follow a link from a blog, Facebook, or Twitter.

Download the app to your iPhone or Android to get the full use of it.

I also use Simply set up an account at the website and it will capture your Periscope videos, along with some of the comments. I tried to embed that here, but it doesn’t look like Blogger will accept it.

I can embed it on my WordPress site. You can see what the video looks like here:

You can also share your link directly from Here’s this video along with all my viewer comments:

So give it a try! And be sure to follow me when you get there. @RonEstrada (remember, it’s your Twitter user name).

See you on your first Scope!

Ron Estrada is the author of the Cherry Hill Series, a YA Paranormal series. The first books, NOW I KNEW YOU and ANGEL ‘N ME, are now available on Amazon. The third book, CASSANDRA’S CROSSING, will be released this month.