What’s a Bride To Do

Posted by Marcia Lee Laycock – a guest post by Donna Fawcett

We find ourselves often asking the question ‘why’. Why bother getting out of bed in the morning? Why should we continue to write in an industry that often doesn’t pay well and can be more than a little cut throat?

It is the same ‘why’ that the concentration camp prisoners asked when the Nazis began an experiment in human behaviour. They brought in a pile of rubble and told the prisoners to move it from one end of the came to the other. When the task was finished, they were told to move it back to the same spot. This happened repeatedly until the prisoners began to ask ‘why’. They were given no reason. It drove many insane to the point that they threw themselves against the electric fence to end their lives. Those who kept at it were the ones who had their eyes fixed beyond the camp–to the future.

They knew that there was a life out there filled with purpose and they were determined to endure to reach that goal. Our lives are no different. We are stuck in a sin-laced world doing many tasks that seem to show no answer to ‘why?’

But that’s what the scriptures mean when they state that we should fix our eyes on the author and finisher of our faith (Hebrews 12:2). We know God has purpose and meaning for all that we do so we do it because he has given it to us to do.

God gifts us all in different ways. Some of us are gifted in writing, others in math, still others in cooking…we are to use the gifts as a way of remembering him. I learned recently that in the ancient Hebrew wedding traditions (think–Jesus the groom and us the bride) the groom gave the bride gifts so that when he went away to build the addition on his father’s house (a two year wait for the bride), she would have those gifts to think of him while she used them.

So…I say all that to answer the question of why I should write: every time I use my word craft, I am reminding myself that I am a waiting bride and my groom will some day come to me and usher me into his Father’s house.


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