Is it lay or lie? Who or whom? Then or than? And most importantly, what’s for dinner? 

Okay, so besides the dinner part, do you ever struggle with grammar? Well hold onto your hat, pardner, because I’ve found a site for you!

GRAMMARLY is a gem of a find for writers. In their own words:

“Grammarly makes you a better writer 
by finding and correcting up to 10x more mistakes 
than your word processor.”

Sound too good to be true? I thought so, too, so I took it out for a spin around the block — and let me tell you, this is one smooth ride for a writer.
How it works is that you enter a chunk of text and it checks it over for you. When it finds an error, it doesn’t just correct it, it explains why it’s wrong and teaches you how to fix it so that you don’t make the same mistake in the future. You can use it on any kind of writing project, from writing emails, to essays, or even social media posts.
Here are a few fun facts . . .
  • Grammarly Editor corrects contextual spelling mistakes.
  • It checks for more than 250 common grammar errors.
  • Enhances vocabulary usage and provides citation suggestions.
  • There are over 4 million users worldwide.
What does all this gramtastic magic cost? There are different pay ranks:
Monthly is $29.95
Quarterly is $59.95
Yearly (the best value) is $139.95
But if you happen to be a starving artist, don’t worry. There is also a free version that checks for the most frequently made writing mistakes, covers 100 points of grammar, has a contextual spellchecker and does punctuation checks.
So yeah, I know this sounds like a commercial,             Grammarly Logo

but really, if you’re grammatically challenged in any way, this might be a great investment for you.