From a page of life . . .

by Nicole Petrino-Salter

Borrowing from our stockpiles of
life experiences, we often create stories to mirror our emotions, our
reactions, our hopes, our sorrows, and whatever else we’ve collected in our
young or lengthy lives. We etch those words on a would-be page which best
describe what we want to tell, share, or admit.

Story provides us with an escape
for expressions of all kinds of feelings. Within the framework of writing a
novel, we can figure out how to reveal the humanity which forces its way into
our souls even when we wish we could exhibit the sublime. However, the very nature
of story allows for the telling of sweetness and light or the communication of
struggle and hardship.

The bright and hopeful or the dark
and sinister can all reside within the pages of life and the pages of stories.
As authors we write what suits our souls. As Christians who create novels, we
decide what best serves the talents given us by our Lord. There is purpose and meaning
in all kinds of stories. As authors determine who their readers will be, so
must readers understand that not all stories will suit their tastes or emotional

The writing life serves as a
confessional or a celebration of the experiences tallied on any given days.
When we make the characters so real to a reader as to gain an attachment or a
revulsion to them, we’ve succeeded in transmitting a page of life. When we, as
the writer, suppress tears creating a scene, at least we know our heart is
pouring onto that page. Or perhaps we’re laughing at the ridiculous humor and
know if somehow it’s tickled our funny bones, surely someone else will also laugh.

The power of life put to the page . . . it’s a
privilege and a pleasure to write.

Nicole Petrino-Salter writes love stories with a passion. You can find her most days here.