Realm Makers 2015 Conference

Realm Makers is a conference designed for “people of faith who love science fiction and fantasy.” The Christian fiction market is notoriously thin when it comes to the representation of speculative fiction (sci-fi, epic fantasy, urban fantasy, horror, paranormal, steampunk, etc.). While spec-fic remains hugely popular in mainstream TV, film, and fiction, the Christian fiction market (for whatever reasons you choose to argue) vastly under-represents the genre. This has left many Christian spec fans on the margins of the industry. Rebecca Minor, founder of Realm Makers, chose to do something positive about this.  

The Realm Makers conference is designed specifically for creatives with a commitment to the intersection of “faith” and speculative fiction. Now in its third year, Realm Makers appears to be going strong. The recent announcement of keynote speaker, faculty, and continuing sessions reveals a wonderfully diverse selection of topics, teachers, agents, and artists to choose from. I’m thrilled to be part of that staff, teaching sessions on “The Theology of Horror” and “The Christian Crossover Novelist.” If you’re a person of faith who loves speculative fiction, and interested in growing in the craft, seeking inspiration and instruction, and meeting like-minded folks, why not consider joining us. You can find out more details on Realm Makers’ 2015 conference HERE.