A Gift Given

 by Marcia Lee Laycock
“Cultures cherish artists because they are people who
can say, Look at that. And it’s not Versailles. It’s a brick wall with a ray of
sunlight falling on it.” (Marilynne Robinson, The Paris Review 2008)
When I read Gilead by Marilynne Robinson I remember
thinking it was so simple, so plain, so amazing. And there’s the key to be
grasped. Great writing is simple, plain, dealing with the ordinary, yet it draws
us to the extraordinary, the Divine within.
My brother used to collect odd pieces of wood to carve
into shapes of animals and birds. I often walked with him along the north shore
of Lake Huron, searching for driftwood. Once I offered him a length of freshly
cut two by four. He rejected it. “Look for something with scars,” he’d said, ”something
with twists and turns.” He wanted ordinary driftwood marked by its own unique
journey through life. Those are the pieces that became lovely when the knife
cut into them, shaped them and revealed what had been hidden. Those are the
pieces I remember.
And the pieces of writing I remember are those that do
the same – take characters who are ordinary, scarred, characters whose lives
have taken many twists and turns, and fold them into stories that give us
moments frozen in time, frozen into pictures of the Divine. Like the moment in
Les Miserables when the priest hands the candlesticks to Jean Valjean – an
ordinary man, a convict, grasps the mercy that has been granted him and his
life is forever changed. It is so simple, so plain, so amazing that we stand in
And that is the gift given to writers of faith – that
we are driven to search out and grasp those moments poured into us from God’s
own heart, then use words to reveal them, and Him, to others. It is then that
we bring the Divine to those ordinary moments, for ourselves and for our
readers. Together we pause, catch our breath, because we all have glimpsed the
Divine, have seen beyond the ordinary to a more true reality.
It is a most holy pursuit, one that teaches us as we
teach, reveals beauty and truth to us as we reveal it to others. The pursuit is
part of our ordinary journey, one that will take us down many twists and turns
and sometimes leave us scarred. But it is a task ordained, a gift given in love. 
Christmas. one and all. 
Marcia will be celebrating Christmas with her family in central Alberta Canada. To learn more about her writing/speaking ministry visit her website
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