You Know You’re a Writer When You Procrastinate by…

Huggins Blackburn 
has been telling herself stories since she was five and finally
started writing them down. She blogs about faith, family, and her
writing journey on her blog Out of the Boat. Lynn is a
member of the Jerry B. Jenkins
Christian Writers Guild
 and the Word Weavers, Greenville.
She lives in South Carolina where she hangs out with three lively children, one
fabulous man, and a cast of imaginary characters who find their way onto the
pages of her still unpublished novels. She drinks a lot of coffee.

* * *

You Know
You’re a Writer When You Procrastinate by…
1. Making
a playlist to write to
I’m dying to do this. I’ve heard that some of my favorite authors have
playlists they listen to depending on the type of scene they’re writing. Chase
scene—maybe something from the Bourne trilogy? Romance—gotta be the Pride and
Prejudice score. Big climax—I’d go with something from The Lord of the Rings or
Avatar. Sadly, while this may help get the creative juices flowing, it’s not
the same thing as actual writing.
2. Researching
name origins for your secondary characters.
I know you read that Writer’s Digest article a few months back
about how important it is for each of your character names to have some sort of
meaning. But when you’re trying to find a name for the waiter who gets all of
two paragraphs out of 85K… sorry, that’s not writing.
3. Housework/ Laundry/ Paying
Necessary evils.
Not writing.
4. Making
a playlist for your WIP.

Finding the perfect song to go with your hero or heroine’s mood in each
chapter. Fun stuff. But, again, not really writing.
5. Reading
blogs about writing.
Do I
need to say it? Not writing.
6. Pinning
characters, locations, clothes, etc. to your WIP board on Pinterest
. Delightful. Still…not writing.
7. Updating
all your social media accounts.
Status updates about writing? Not writing. Neither are tweets that
include #amwriting, #amediting, #writing, or #allIdoiswrite.
8. Reading
books in or out of your genre
Call it market analysis. Call it research. Call it professional development.
Can’t call it writing.
9. Organizing
your writing space.
find clutter distracting so it’s worth it to me to take five minutes to tidy up
whatever is in my line of sight before I sit down. But when that leads to
dusting under the piano? Yeah, not writing.
10. Blogging. This one is tricky, because it is
writing. However, if you haven’t made a dent in your word count for the week,
then we have to call it what it is. Stalling. Not writing.
I may or may not
be guilty of all ten of these. How about you? What’s your favorite form of
writerly procrastination?