Author Yvonne Anderson Takes Us Back to Gannah With Her New Release

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This month I have the pleasure of interviewing Yvonne Anderson, my crit partner and a contributor to Novel Rocket. She also brings us an opportunity to win a free copy of one of her books! Yvonne, who is often called “Y,” has just released a new novel and she is here to tell us about it
Ransom in the Rock
PAM:  Your latest
book, Ransom in the Rock, is the
third in a series. If I recall correctly, you published the first two
traditionally with a small press. Why are you self-publishing this one?
Y: I signed a three-book contract with Risen Books in 2011.
With the first two titles not selling very well, Risen wasn’t willing to move
forward with the third. I asked to be released from my contract so I could
publish them at my own risk.
PAM: How has your self-publishing experience gone so far?
Y: It’s been interesting. Considering it’s my first attempt,
I’m pleased with the result. Selling them is a challenge, but at least I’m
confident about the quality of the product.
PAM:  Having read the
first two titles, I can testify that these are not your typical sci-fi. Let’s just say that speculative fiction is not my go-to genre for my reading pleasure, but I found your stories to be entertaining, engaging, and exciting. I’m certain I’ll find more of the same in your new book. What can
you tell our readers about the Gateway to Gannah series? For those that haven’t read the first book, Story in the Stars, should they read that and Book 2 first?
Y: The four titles put together a story told in consecutive
installments. However, they also can stand alone. If you jump in at the
third book, you won’t be lost.
Brief overview: the planet Gannah suffered a horrible plague
in the The Story in the Stars. The medical
starship rushing to them with the antidote arrived too late to save anyone but
one young woman, Dassa. The man who rescued her, Dr. Pik, was from the planet
Karkar, an ancient enemy of Gannah. Despite their deeply rooted animosities, he
and Dassa ended up getting together. It’s not a love story, though. It’s mostly
an adventure involving such things as space pirates and long-lost treasure.
In Words in the Wind,
Dassa and Dr. Pik are back on Gannah with a group of settlers from Earth who
have come to repopulate the planet. One of the incidents in the story involves
their young daughter, Lileela, who sustains spinal cord injuries in an accident
and is sent to Karkar for treatment.
In Ransom in the Rock,
Lileela returns to Gannah as a teenager, frothing with bitterness over what she
perceives as abandonment by her parents. Why do they want her back now? And why
does Karkar demand such a huge payment for delivering her? Neither she nor her
family suspects that Karkar’s true motive is revenge. The tiny New Gannahan
settlement has no hope of repelling an invasion – no hope, that is, except for
One the Karkar can’t see.
Though definitely sci-fi, all three books are light on the
science but strong on the characters.
PAM: Wow, that sound exciting. What’s next?
Y: I plan to publish the fourth (and last) book in the
series this fall. I already have the cover, and editors are looking over the
manuscript even as we speak.
PAM: Speaking of your covers. Did you create them yourself, or
hire a designer?
Y: Covers are too important to entrust to an amateur like me.
I did some research on designers and chose Ken Raney of Clash Creative, Inc.
His prices are mid-range, which means I could have gotten off cheaper. But he
knows what he’s doing, is very patient with picky authors, and he’s not
satisfied until his client is satisfied. I would recommend him without
PAM: I’m familiar with Ken and have seen his work other places. A great choice. Most Novel Rocket readers aren’t sci-fi fans, what does
your series have to offer people who usually aren’t interested in that sort of
thing? What might they get out of these books?
Y: A change of scenery is always refreshing, and the scenery
on Gannah is beautiful. A visit there is a great get-away from the humdrum. The
characters are vivid, so you’ll get to make some new friends. Moreover, the scriptural
thread offers a little food for thought along with the fun. That’s why the
series tag line is “Fly through the Gateway to Gannah for some serious sci-fi
PAM: And I might add that your characters are indeed strong in characterization, drawing readers in and endearing themselves to them. I’m looking forward to reading Book 3. Where can I get it?
Y: Ransom in the Rock
is available on Amazon
in print or e-book. The first two titles are available at either Amazon or
Barnes & Noble. 
But you’re in luck: beginning today, and through next weekend, I’m doing a give-away on my blogwhere you can enter to win a FREE copy of any one of the three Gannah titles—winner’s
choice. Hop over and check it out.
PAM: Awesome! I’m heading over there right now to enter. Thanks Y. 
Yvonne Anderson
A resident of Western Maryland, Yvonne Anderson
writes fiction that takes you out of this world.  She also does freelance editing; contributes
to the writing blog The
Borrowed Book
; oversees Novel Rocket’s
Launch Pad Contest; and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers,
International Thriller Writers, and the Independent Author Network. Connect
with her on Twitter,
or Goodreads.
Fly through the Gateway to Gannah for
some serious sci-fi adventure: The first three titles, The Story in the Stars
and Words in the Wind
and Ransom in the Rock,
are all available in both print and ebook. Watch for the launching of The Last Toqeph, the fourth and final
flight in the series, in the autumn of 2014.