The 12 Days of Christmas

The 12 Days of Christmas is a series of novellas
releasing every two weeks as ebooks on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. An
Unexpected Glory, by our very own Marcia Lee Laycock releases October 31st.
Here is an interview with both Kathi and Marcia about this exciting series.
First of
all, Kathi, please introduce yourself
I’m Kathi Macias, wife, mother, grandmother,
great-grandmother, author, abolitionist, former Harley-Davidson rider known as
“Easy Writer,” and lover of chocolate anything.
How did
the idea of the 12 Days of Christmas series come to be?

I’d actually been playing with the idea for several
months when I mentioned it to Giovanni at Helping Hands. He jumped on it. We
started chatting, and pretty soon I decided it would be a lot more fun to have
11 other writers come onboard and help me write this collection/series (one
story each) than to try to do them all myself. I’m so glad I did because it’s
turned into a really fun project!
Have you
collaborated with other authors this way before?
Not exactly in the same way. I’ve been a part of
similar ones Murray Pura put together, and I once co-compiled a women’s
devotional with contributions from scores of women, but this one is the first
of a fictional series I’ve launched—though more are in the works!
What did
you enjoy about the process and what wasn’t so much fun?

So far I haven’t found anything that wasn’t
fun, though the marketing aspect is always a bit stressful and time-consuming
for me. Everything else has been a blast. The only downside was that the slots
filled up so quickly I had to start turning people away.
Do you
have plans to do it again?

Absolutely! When I found myself turning people
away, I decided instead to add them to the list for future projects (two per
year at this point—a Christmas series and a Mother’s Day series). We are
currently filled all the way through 2015!
We’ll be
watching for them. Where can readers go to find the stories in The 12 Days of
Christmas series?

The first story (mine, titled “Rules of
Engagement”) will launch the series on September 1st. It will be available on
Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. Each new story will launch two weeks
Now let’s
hear from Marcia. To begin, Marcia, please tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m a pastor’s wife, mother of three beautiful
grown daughters and two great sons-in-law. I’m also the caregiver of two
loveable golden retrievers. <grin> I’ve had the privilege of living a
short distance from the Arctic Circle, in Dawson City Yukon and two degrees off
the equator in Papua New Guinea. I began writing at a young age and now have
two novels and three devotional books in print, one of which, Abundant Rain, is
a collection of some of the devotionals for writers I’ve done for Novel Rocket.
I also love doing a lot of speaking for women’s groups. My heart is to see
women encouraged and brought closer to Christ.

How did
you become involved in this series of Christmas stories?

A friend who had been contacted by Kathi emailed me
to see if I’d be interested. I jumped on it right away because I had a
Christmas story that I’d really like to get out into the marketplace. But God
had a different plan. Another idea popped into my head and once I got going on
it I realized this was the one to put into this project. It became An
Unexpected Glory.

Is this
the first time you have contributed to a series like this?

Yes, although I have contributed to several
anthologies in the past, the most recent of which is the Hot
Apple Cider books
, two collections of thirty-some Canadian Christian authors.
I also recently contributed to The
for Scripture Union Canada – a series of devotionals designed to be
read on an iphone or ipad that take the reader through the Bible in one year.
Working on The 12 Days project has been great because I’ve been in touch with
the other writers. We’ve been reading and giving feedback on one another’s
stories. It’s been a lot of fun and I’m excited that they are releasing as
ebooks, which makes them accessible to so many.
Do you
have other projects under way?

I’m always working on something. The third expanded
edition of my devotional book, Spur of the Moment will release soon on Amazon
so that’s been exciting. Right now I’m putting together the first three
chapters of a mystery novel for an agent in the US. Hoping that evolves into a fiction
Thank you
ladies for being with us on Novel Rocket. We wish you great success with this
Christmas series.

Marcias’ 12 Days of Christmas
novellas can be ordered from Amazon, Barnes
and Noble and other online distributors. An
Unexpected Glory
releases October 31st with a Thirsty Thursday party on the Helping Hands Press facebook