The Blessing of Forgiveness

at this time of year, when we’re locked in a small space with a group of people
that we may not see the rest of the year, or perhaps with whom we have nothing
in common outside of DNA, forgiveness is a timely and
God-inspired topic for us to address. 
Receiving and giving forgiveness should
be a way of life for Christ-followers, right?
6:12 puts a high priority on reconciliation, not only between us and God, but
also between us and our fellow man.
forgive us our sins, as we have forgiven those who sin against us.
There are many songs on the radio
today that talk about forgiveness. We often sing along with the artist, but do
we fully understand what “forgiveness” means?
While giving forgiveness can be
challenging—even agonizing—for many of us, we all eagerly desire to be
forgiven. However, pride can keep us from admitting when we’re wrong. And
ignoring our fault (or our sin) has a price, especially when it involves sin
that we do not or will not confess to God.
While we are forgiven for the
past, present and future of our sin, we still need the cleansing experiences to
put away sin that would otherwise cause guilt. We don’t want to be bogged down
by guilt and bitterness. When we confess, it’s like fresh air and we don’t have
that distance between us and God.
Unconfessed sin eats away at us—
from the inside out—and puts a distance between us and God. And when we hold
onto a grudge with both hands, when that slight or hurtful behavior begins to
define the relationship, the wall grows – brick by brick – until we can hardly
see that person on the other side. In both cases, when we humble ourselves and
admit our mistakes, nothing is sweeter than being forgiven.
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Sandra D. Bricker is a best-selling and
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