Novel Rocket’s Advent Calendar

 In addition to our normal content, Novel
Rocket is counting down to Christmas with our own special Advent Calendar.

Each day, we’re going to feature a Compassion
child who’s waited more than a year to be sponsored. It’s got to be difficult
to see other children around you becoming sponsored while you’re over looked.
Right now Compassion International has over
1200 children who’ve waited more than a year. If you ever considered sponsoring
a child, or taking on another, you couldn’t pick a better time.
Since I missed the first days of December, here
four children who are still waiting: 
Dec 1
This sweet 4-year-old boy has waited 459 days!! He lives in
Guatemala with his parents and four siblings. A sponsor at this early stage in
his life has such great potential to transform the outcome of his life. To learn more or to sponsor him, [please click here.
Dec 2

Here’s another 4-year-old boy who has also
waited 459 days! Let’s end this wait! He lives in Indonesia and attends
kindergarten. A sponsor encouraging him right now, could help him excel. To
learn more or sponsor him, please [click here.]
Dec 3

This little one is also 4, and he’s also
waited 459 days. He lives in Indonesia with his parents and siblings. To learn
more or to sponsor him, [click here
Dec 4

This little girl is five years old and
lives in Indonesia. She, too, has waited 459 days. Her birthday is in next month. What a wonderful way to start her 6th
year with sponsorship!  To learn more, please [click here]