Do You Follow Yourself Around The Web? by James L. Rubart

Have you set up Google Alerts for yourself? If you’re a
published author I’m guessing you said, yea verily and you click around the
internet to see what’s being said about you and your novels.
(Google Alerts sends an e-mail when something new is posted
about you on the web. Authors can see what reviews, blog posts they’re
mentioned in, articles, books being sold illegally—all sorts of fun stuff.)

To Comment or Not to
Comment, That is My Question
If you’re an author and you see a blog post reviewing your
novel, do you comment? Or do you stay silent? If someone raves about you on Facebook, do you “like” it? Or observe from afar?
I asked Allen Arnold (former Publisher and Sr VP of Fiction
at Thomas Nelson) about blogs the other day and he says, “I advise authors to
never comment. First, it makes an author look desperate, as if they’re scouring
the internet trying to find someone that likes them. 
“Second, having the author
pop in unannounced can make them feel like someone is looking over their shoulder.
Rarely a good thing. 
“And third, it makes the blogger feel less free to give
their true opinion.”
I posed the same question to an author friend of mine and
she said the opposite. “I comment on all blog posts about my books. Even the
ones that post unfavorable reviews. 
“I think bloggers want to know if their posts
are reaching readers. And that authors care about what the bloggers do to
promote novels. A lot of times I get a blogger thanking me profusely for
stopping by. 
“They can’t believe the author took the time to read the review and
comment. It means a lot to them.”

Your Turn
If you’re a blogger, do you like it when authors show up to
comment? Or is a bit of a creep factor?
If you’re pre-published, do you think you’ll comment when
Google sends you an alert?
If you are published, do you comment on blog posts about you
and your novels? Why or why not?
James L. Rubart is the
best-selling, award winning author of four novels. Publishers Weekly says this about
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way down.” During the day he runs Barefoot
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