Number One Sin?

I sat at
a long table and felt like crawling under it as the instructor spoke. I had
just realized I was committing what he called the “number one sin of inexperienced
freelance writers.” I was writing a lot of articles, some of which I thought were good
pieces, then I’d go looking for someone to agree with me and put it all in
print. I still have a number of those manuscripts sitting in my ‘Unpublished’
“Write to
the market.” the instructor suggested. “Find out what’s hot and go
for it.”
This was
a new concept for me and it changed the pattern of my career as a freelance
writer. The experience is common among new writers, and it follows the path of
a common flaw in our human character. We are so self-centred we want to be
How many
times have you finished a manuscript and prayed, “Okay God, I’ve written this
really great (article, novel, short story). Now do your thing.”
In the
book, Experiencing God, by Henry
Blackaby and Claude King, the authors write, “God invites you to become
involved with Him in His work” (p.50). Notice the emphasis? God invites us. We
don’t invite Him. The work is His, not ours.
But how
often do we stop to pray before we start tapping away on the keyboard? Too
often we haven’t tried to discern what God wants. Too often we have not taken
the time to look at God’s agenda before drawing up our own.
But all
of what we write should be directed by God and fit within His plan for His
kingdom. No matter if it’s a personal journal entry or a letter, a feature for a
national newspaper, or a book manuscript sent to the number one publishing
house in the country, it should be a building block tied to what God is doing
in us, in our communities, in our countries.
How do we
discover that? By developing our personal relationship with Him and then
keeping our eyes and ears open to see and hear Him. He is here, actively
building His kingdom around us. He has invited us to join Him by being His
scribes in the world.
So let’s write
for Christ. Find out what’s “hot” to Him and go for it.  
Then we
can pray with the psalmist – “May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us;
establish the work of our hands for us, yes, establish the work of our hands.” Psalm
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