Marketing Begins Before Your Book Releases

Pamela S. Meyers lives in the Chicago suburbs, an hour’s
drive away from the Southeastern Wisconsin setting of most of her stories. Her
debut novel Thyme for Love, Book One
in her On the Road to Love series,
released November 2011, and Love Will
Find a Way
, Book Two will release very soon. Her historical romance, Love Finds You in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin,
will release in April 2013. When she isn’t busy writing her next novel, you can
find her coordinating the ACFW Genesis Writing Contest for Unpublished writers.
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Marketing Begins Before Your Book Releases
It’s my pleasure to guest here at Novel Rocket. I was given carte blanch as to what my post topic
should be, and since my second book Love
Will Find a Way
, the sequel to Thyme
for Love
, my debut novel is due to release soon, I’ve been thinking of ways
to start the marketing process before the book is available for my readers.
A few weeks ago I developed a to-do list.
1.  Target the
people who read my first book with some reminders about my characters and the
storyline. For many it’s been quite a few months since they read the story, and
their memories are probably a bit faded as to the plot and characters. I need
to write blog posts about my about my characters and talking about what
happened in Thyme for Love while
hinting of things to come in Love Will
Find a Way
2.  Because
April, my heroine, is a chef, I spent last winter and spring testing recipes
and tweaking them for inclusion in the story. As I cooked and experimented I
took pictures of the dishes and posted them on FaceBook. That’s another topic I
can utilize my personal blog for in the prepublication days of my novel. I
won’t post the same recipes I included with the manuscript, but perhaps recipes
for ones mentioned in the book, but not printed out.
3.  Even though the story takes place in a fictional town, it is very close to Lake Geneva,
Wisconsin, my hometown, and my characters go there often. I can post pictures
of the town and lake on Twitter and FaceBook, and say my characters visit these
spots in my stories. This would serve a double-purpose since I have a 1933
historical romance, Love Finds You in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, coming out in April.
4.  A good
friend of mine developed the book trailer for Thyme for Love and has been
working on a trailer for Love Will Find a Way. I purchased photos from several
online stock photo companies such as
and http://www.shutterstock.comwhen I
was unable to find those I needed in my personal collection or at the free-use
site at Before he
began work, I roughed up a script to be incorporated into the trailer and
suggested which picture should go with the script. The trailer is close to
being finished and should be ready to launch when the book releases.
5.  Think about
places besides bookstores where you can hold events that relate to your book.
For example I recently discovered a cooking school in Lake Geneva. I need to
contact the chef who owns the school and see how I might do a tie-in with the
school. For my historical, I’m working with the museum in Lake Geneva for an
event to feature my Love Finds You in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin story.
6.  If your book
is not your debut novel and your book is on Amazon, it may be a good move to
check into making the first book a free offering for a limited time. Everything
I’ve read indicates that these types of promotions help book sales.
7.  Once you
have your release date confirmed, you will want to line up bloggers for a blog
tour to influence for your new book.
I hope these suggestions have helped and maybe sparked ideas
of your own. In fact, if you do have ideas other than what I’ve suggested here,
please comment and share with everyone. I can’t wait to see all the creative