Blessed are the PEACEMAKERS!

Every year, numerous countries hold beauty pageants, including Miss
America, Miss Teen USA, Miss Universe, and many more. If you have ever watched
a pageant, or perhaps the movie
, you already know the answer to
the interview question, “What is the one most important thing our society
needs?”; it’s world peace.

While world peace is a great hope for the future, and a prayer to put
in God’s hands, it is unlikely that any of us will work on world peace in our
lifetimes. The easiest way to begin spreading peace is to start within

How much stronger would our cities be if we worked on peace in our
homes and at work? Unresolved conflict leads to disputes, anger, injustice and
war throughout the world. This remains true at home. When people refuse to be
conciliatory, tension heightens and the conflict goes unresolved.

As children of God, we are called to love one another, which makes
peacemaking more natural. A part of loving people is learning to forgive in the
way God has forgiven us. While some may believe peaceful people are uninvolved
and non-confrontational, peacemaking is active; it’s not silent. It means
speaking up when you see a coworker break the law; it means offering amends to
those you have wronged; it means forgiving the unforgivable.

In society, peacemaking contradicts the norm and you may face
persecution when you work toward it. The disciples suffered endless persecution
and even death to share the message of Jesus. Any time we choose Jesus’
teachings on peace, forgiveness and love, we step away from worldly ideas and
upgrade our thinking. Though you may be judged, condemned and persecuted, when
this occurs for the sake of righteousness, you will be blessed. 

If you want to
change your life and find the pathway to the blessed life, stand up for the
truth. Speak up. Pursue peace.

5:9 (NAS):
are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God. 

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