Do Devotions Make a Character “Christian”?

I recently read a review of a book I haven’t yet read, and it stopped me. One of the sentences said:

“Neither of AUTHOR’s two love interests, NAME and NAME, apparently has regular devotions.”

Did I miss something? Although regularly spending time with God is a given, is that the true plumb-line for being a Christian? What about actions backing up our faith? Or sacrifice? Or loving the unlovely? And what would it look like for us to write this way to make sure our reviewers knew our characters were Christians.?

Something like:

“Drake pulled out his tattered notebook, stuck his quill in the ink, opened his overused Bible, and started journaling about how great God was and how small he felt. If only Sharalyn could see him now, all devotion-y and strong. Maybe just maybe she’d finally find him attractive spiritually.”

I don’t know. It just seemed really weird to me.