Chicken Little

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devotion is by Debby Mayne, from: Be Still…and Let Your Nail Polish Dry © 2008 Summerside Press
Chicken Little
Therefore I say to you, do not worry
about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink; nor about your body,
what you will put on. Is not life more than food and the body more than
Matthew 6:23
“The sky is
anything can go wrong, it will.”
good things must come to an end.”
has so much negativity crept into our lives? You’d think that with all the
commercials about “Having it your way” and “You deserve the very best,” we’d
all be glowing with radiant joy.
mother was a child of the Great Depression, so she constantly talked about
having enough food to eat. Some of that rubbed off on me, and I still worry –
even though I have a full refrigerator, enough clothes in my closet to not wear
the same thing twice in a month, and possessions that can keep me occupied
grocery shopping, my mother was a woman on a mission – determined to provide
for her family with the resolve that each meal might be our last if we didn’t
stock up and prepare for some unknown disaster.
are you buying so much soup?” I once asked my mom as she transferred two of
each kind of Campbell’s soup from the store shelf to the basket.
never know when you’ll run out,” she replied as she turned the basket toward
the household items to stock up on toilet paper.
the innocence of a child, I tilted my head and studied the soup before turning
back to her. “Can’t we just buy some more?”
tossed a multi-roll pack of toilet paper into the cart , quirked one corner of
her mouth, frowned, shook her head, and pushed the basket toward the Spam,
making me feel like my question didn’t deserve an answer. I now understand that
she didn’t have an answer, and one thing she wasn’t willing to say was that she
didn’t know something about the future – which brings me to my point: Does
anyone know what the future brings?
certainly don’t. No matter how much I plan, anything can happen. The future is
out of my control, which sometimes irks me because I seem to have turned into
my mother. And yes, sometimes I feel like the sky is falling.
my firstborn has a child, and I see that the world is still intact. My daughter
is doing some of the same things I did as a young mother – trying her best to
create a perfect world to keep the sky from falling.
need to stop worrying about the future and trust God with everything.
Today’s Prayer:
You’ve provided my family with so many blessings, Lord. I know I don’t have a
reason to worry – and I thank You. Each day brings new challenges, but You
always provide for us. Please give me the ability to be calm and accept all of
Your blessings with the right spirit. Amen.
Debby Mayne grew up in a military family that
moved often throughout her childhood. She was born in Alaska and has
lived in Mississippi, Tennessee, Oregon, Florida, Hawaii, and Japan.
Debby has published approximately 400 short stories and
print articles, hundreds of online articles, and a slew of devotions for
busy women in addition to more than 25 books and novellas, including Love Finds You on Christmas Morning.
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