A Thrill a Minute

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devotion is by Loree Lough, from: His Grace is Sufficient…Decaf is Not © 2011 Summerside Press
A Thrill a Minute
“Why would people gain
the whole world, but lose their lives?”
Mark 8:36
a kid, few things excited me more than hearing my parents say, “We’re
going to the amusement park!” Back then, I was an adventure junkie; the
bigger and scarier the ride, the better I liked it. I’m not sure when—or why—it
happened, but one day the thrill turned into fear, and these days, I can’t hang
curtains unless the chair I’m standing on is guaranteed not to reel and rock,
not even a smidge!
about becoming a published author reminds me of a roller coaster ride. The
“big idea?” That was me, in line, waiting to belt myself into the
car. Each tick-tick-tick as it
climbed to the top of the first hill? “Stage One, Story Development.”
Next tick? Setting, then character
development, point of view, conflict, dialog. The ups and downs earned titles
such as Edits and Rewrites and Second-guessing Myself. The last hill—the
steepest and most terrifying of all: Typing “The End.” And then, that
final stomach-churning plummet down, down that had me holding my breath doubled
my heartbeat as I hit the SEND key.
I got right back in line, of course, and waited as editors and agents sifted
through people-tall stacks of mail. I stared at the phone and watched the
mailbox. I read email, but “We’d like to offer a contract!” wasn’t
among any of the messages.
I got back into line. Again. And I buckled myself in. Again…despite what my
published author friends told me about novels that didn’t sell, despite the
years they’d written them. They complained about small publishing houses that
were gobbled up by bigger ones, and mid-sized companies that went belly-up.
They groaned when editors took extended maternity leave after telling them how
much they believed in their stories. Bookstore chains folded, distributors
stopped distributing. Agents culled their client lists, and the editors not on maternity leave were pulling
double-duty, making that painful wait between Send and Reply take twice as much
time as before.
couldn’t help but ask: “Is my dream worth all this agony?”
said a loud and resounding Yes.
whatever your dream is, Yes should be
your answer, too. Because—whether part or all of your dream comes true—you will
have yet another reason to glorify God your Father, who used every up and down
moment you endured to prove His love…
thrill you with the exhilarating gift of His grace.    
Today’s Prayer: O
God in heaven, I know that you want me to be a conduit of Your grace, so that
Your loving kindness can flow from me into the lives of those near me. Use me,
Lord, to pass on the simple truth: Though we have not—cannot—earn it, Your love
knows no bounds. Hallelujah!  

With 81 books (3,000,000+
in circulation), Loree Lough’s novels consistently earn 4- and 5-star reviews,
such as From Ashes to Honor, a 9/11
story (First Responders series) and Love
Finds You in Folly Beach, South Carolina
. She splits her time between her
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