I Wanna Bend It Like Bailey

Today’s guest
devotion is by Sandra D. Bricker, from: His Grace is Sufficient…Decaf is Not © 2011 Summerside Press
I Wanna
Bend It Like Bailey
seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, 
all these things shall be added to you.
Matthew 6:33
adore children, and my favorite age is right around three or four; they’re just
developing their communications skills, but haven’t quite perfected the
transition from emotion to verbalization.
babysitting for a friend’s three-year-old, I encountered the challenge of
keeping Bailey occupied so that she might forget that her beloved mommy had
left the house without her. And it wasn’t easy.
we played Safari. After strategically placing all of her most treasured stuffed
animals around the house, Bailey put on a plastic pith helmet and climbed
aboard her push-and-ride Jeep and we toured the African plains of home to
observe the animals in their natural habitat. When she spotted the giraffe
leaning against the refrigerator, Bailey suddenly remembered who had given her
that giraffe, and she started to cry for her mother.
games and a coloring book later, she accepted my invitation to a tea party in
her bedroom. We donned straw hats, and Bailey tugged on little white crocheted
gloves. Along with two of our very best doll friends, we sipped from empty tea
cups and munched imaginary scones with cream and strawberries. Bailey was
enthralled!…Until the garage door went
. Tossing the plastic teacup to the floor, she flew from the bedroom and
down the hall. On her trail, I stepped over her hat and gloves that she’d shed
on the way. I reached her just as the kitchen door opened and her mother walked
excited to see her mom again at last, Bailey squealed with glee. When the words
wouldn’t come, she finally began hopping from one foot to the other, pumping
her arms, fists clenched, and her little face contorted. The return of her
mother had trumped everything else, and thoughts of tea parties and safaris had
fallen to dust. I stood there watching as the child completely surrendered to
the ecstatic happiness of seeing the one person that meant more to her than
anything or anyone else.
the drive home that afternoon, I tuned my radio to a local Christian station
playing I Can Only Imagine by
MercyMe, a song exploring the depths of our reaction when we finally see Christ
face-to-face. As I sang along, Bailey’s reaction to her mother’s return home
sprang to mind. How sweet would it be to the Lord if, at His presence, we just
jumped up and down with the glee of little children!
Today’s Prayer: Oh,
Lord, thank You for the sweet parenthood You offer us. Let me always see You as
Abba Father, through enthusiastic and childlike eyes. Today I am overcome with
joy as I delight myself in You, remembering that Your arms always welcome me,
Your thoughts are always about my well-being, and there is no one else I would
rather see. Amen. 

Sandra D. Bricker is an
award-winning best seller in the inspirational market with laugh-out-loud
novels such as Love Finds You in
Snowball, Arkansas
and Always the
Baker, Never the Bride
from the Emma
Rae Creation
series. She spent 15+ years in Los Angeles as an entertainment
publicist while studying screenwriting. However, when her mother became ill in
Florida, she left all that behind to take on a couple of new roles: Caregiver
and Novelist. Visit her Website at www.SandraDBricker.com