What does it mean to write uncaged?

It’s a question worth considering. This week I launched my new website for aspiring writers called Write Uncaged. It’s chock full of information and (hopefully) inspiration.

I wonder how many of us write uncaged. How many of us give ourselves permission to say it all, to bleed onto the page, to be genuinely free when we write.

As novelists, you may think that this isn’t even a valid discussion. Because everything you write is fiction, or untrue. And yet, story is the truest medium I know to dispense truth. And to be honest, I feel more naked when a novel releases, even more than when my memoir Thin Places released. Why? Because so much of me is splayed in the pages of my fiction.

Unfortunately, I’ve read several novels that fell flat to me, where I felt the author simply told a story, devoid of himself, his angst, his stress. I believe the best fiction comes from that deep place inside us that wells up when we see injustice, or emits from those parts of us we’d rather hide.

It’s pure bravery to write a novel from the deepest parts of us, but in so doing, we write uncaged. And our readers experience a deeper more satisfying reading experience as a result.

Great writing flows from withing, from great hearts willing to be naked on the page. May it be that we dare to write uncaged this week, this month, this year.

Question for you: What authors, in your opinion, typify writing uncaged? Why?