Here, Wear My Armor!

Today’s guest
devotion is by Sandra D. Bricker, from: His Grace is Sufficient…Decaf is Not © 2011 Summerside Press
Here, Wear
My Armor!
Saul replied, “You are
not able to go out against this Philistine and 
fight him; you are only a young man, and he has been a
warrior from his youth.” 
1 Samuel 17:33
It took a lot of
talking for David to convince King Saul that he could slay the giant. Even
then, nervous Saul placed his tunic around the boy, and added a suit of armor
and a bronze helmet. But David tried to walk around in it and kept falling over
from the weight of it. He tossed it all off and went after Goliath armed with
just a sling and a stone.
many times have we faced down challenges that look as big as that giant? We
stand there, with our sling and stone, wishing we had a king to stand behind
us, some armor or a helmet to protect us.
a cancer survivor, I often equate David’s story to my own battle against the
disease; although, when that phone call came to identify ovarian cancer as the
Goliath now standing before me, my attitude was far more Saul than David. I
yearned for dependable armor, or a big old helmet! When I pulled back the band
of my sling, I realized I had no little stone to load into it.
God’s grace sent Dr. Alison Calkins; beautiful, smart, compassionate. She
looked me straight in the eye and answered every one of my six thousand
questions. She let me cry without judgment and, when my weight was more than
the radiation machine would allow, she even figured out how to build a support.
Through her and her team, God fashioned the little stone I needed to take one
brazen shot at cancer.
never forget the day Dr. Calkins told me, many weeks later, that the giant
wasn’t getting back up again. “You and I are going to be together for the rest
of your life,” she said with a smile as she explained how she envisioned my
post-cancer care. “And I’m happy to tell you…that will be a very long time.”
now, more than six years later, I still feel queasy while I wait at the light
at Martin Luther King Boulevard to turn into St. Joseph’s Hospital for my
annual check-up. At first, I remember the loneliness of those treatments, the
fear and anxiety and desperation. But as I park in a spot marked for Radiation Therapy Patients Only, and the
glass door slides open and I spot Connie or Alex or Ann Marie, my heart starts
to beat again. Excitedly, I anticipate getting my first look at Dr. Calkins,
knowing she’ll be the reminder God brings that the giant has been slain.
bet, every now and then, David spotted a small stone at the side of the road,
and couldn’t help but smile, remembering what he and God had done. If only I
could tuck Dr. Calkins into my pocket and carry her with me as a reminder: By the grace of God, giants are slain!
Today’s Prayer: Father
God, I’m humbled by Your grace as I face the towering giants in my life. You
are always prepared for them, and You always provide just what I need for the
fight, whether that be a stone or a doctor with a sweet, promising smile. Amen.

 Sandra D. Bricker is an award-winning best seller in the inspirational
market with laugh-out-loud novels such as Love
Finds You in Snowball, Arkansas
and Always
the Baker, Never the Bride
from the Emma
Rae Creation
series. She spent 15+ years in Los Angeles as an entertainment
publicist while studying screenwriting. However, when her mother became ill in
Florida, she left all that behind to take on a couple of new roles: Caregiver
and Novelist. Visit her website