Is Writing Your Ministry… Really?

The other day on facebook, I asked what ONE thing each person would be willing to do today to be Jesus to the world.

Someone  wrote that they were going to get busy writing. This got me thinking about whether or not that’s enough.

Now, I don’t know what that one lady is doing. Perhaps she tithes her work, writes stories that she shares with church newsletters, blogs, etc that have to do with furthering the kingdom of Christ.

I write for a living. I’d like to think that it’s also a ministry. But should it be my only ministry? I strongly believe that if it was, I’d be deluding myself. My writing may speak to some people, others it will just entertain and at the end of the day, it’s how I pay my bills.

Should that count as my main ministry? For myself, I don’t think so. If I was a plumber, I might minister to people throughout my day. Always do a great job at a fair price because it’s the right thing to do as I’m working for God, not man. I might share the gospel when the opportunity arises but when people ask me what I’m doing to serve the church–and I don’t define the church as a place, but Christ’s body of believers, I might say, I’m a plumber, I serve God all day long. I’d probably get a few raised eyebrows from people who are thinking, um, that’s your job.

If you write, trying to get published, or are publishedm and that’s all you’re doing for the body, may I challenge you to not be content as this being your only ministry or even your main one. If you hope to make money, the truth is, it’s your job.

Take a moment today and ask yourself what you’re really doing to encourage the body of Christ, as we are commanded, to pick up your Bible and start reading, studying so that you can be reminded (or learn) what God wants of us. What are you doing outside of writing a novel? What you’re doing to feed the starving, clothe the naked, to serve in our home churches in some capacity, to minister to the hurting, and most importantly fulfill the great commission to spread the gospel of Christ to the world–which is what we are all asked to do by God Himself.

Other than the great commission, you can’t do it all, but you can do SOMETHING. You SHOULD do something.

Yes, ministry can be done through writing, but let’s not delude ourselves, it is our job. It should go without saying that we’ll do that to the best of our abilities. It is the sacrifice of time and resources that love asks of us.

We, as a nation, are lazy, apathetic, and self-centered. I include myself in this group, but I have decided I don’t want to be those things anymore. It’s a constant battle in a country where even our poor are richer than most of the world to find a reason to care. If I fill my mind with American Idol, and QVC purchases, I don’t have to think about the suffering my fellow man is under. I lie to myself and say there is nothing I can do about it. Make no mistake that is a lie.

Our brothers and sisters in Christ are being persecuted around the world. They are starving. They are orphans. I challenge you to pray to be burdened as God is burdened for His children. Pray for THEM, not just for a book contract, not just for your sales to improve, or your writing. Pray for THEM.

There are things you can do. Things you SHOULD do–prayer is a big one, but shouldn’t be the only one. Ministry is possible for everyone. It’s possible for YOU. Right now. Today.

I recently spent a few days in the presence of people who are dedicating their lives to what the rest of us try to ignore. You can be part of this. If you don’t do anything else, you can do this. It’s called Media Change. As a nation we spend billions of dollars on entertainment while much of the world doesn’t even have enough to eat. Think about that for just a second. That HBO, satellite dish, dinner out, could feed and clothe people for weeks who have nothing. NOTHING.

This organization equips ministries around the world, who are doing what WE should be doing, to give them a chance to reach so many more than they could without their help. They produce videos that are shown in churches that show the needs of the people so that the viewers will be moved to actually help. They help them design their websites so that they look professional enough for people to trust they’re helping something worthwhile. They are traveling to the Sudan and other parts of the world to see the needs, photograph the people, and bring the burden back to this apathetic nation, to OUR apathetic hearts.

Having spent time with the leaders, the movers and the shakers, I can tell you from one friend to another, that it is a worthwhile cause that humbles me. What they’re asking us to do is to take $10.00 a month (just ten stinking dollars!) that we would spend on entertainment and partner with them to reach the world. Because our ten dollars doesn’t do much alone, but coupled with other’s ten dollars, the impact is powerful.

Losing HBO, or a couple of Starbucks coffees a month, or making burgers at home instead of going to Mc Donalds, or whatever, is not such a big sacrifice when our brothers and sisters are being slaughtered, or when mothers are watching their children starve to death, or families murdered because they are Christians.

Besides joining Media Change ( OURSELVES, we can share Christ with the world through sharing scripture on our facebook page, by tithing our writing on our blogs or websites by sharing a story that needs to be shared, receiving nothing in return . . .  there are so many things.

Yes, writing is a ministry, but unless you’re tithing it, sharing the gospel, feeding the poor, encouraging others to do the same, it’s your job, or a hobby. We are called to reach the lost. We are called to feed the poor. To help the hurting. We need to snap out of this trance we’re in. It’s killing people. And whether we realize it or not, it’s killing us.

The apathy we feel as a nation is understandable. We have never known the kind of pain, the kind of need, the kind of horror so many around the world must live through every day. Does God need to put our nation through it so that we feel finally feel real empathy?

 But we can do something. We can pray. We can join Media Change. We can share stories to encourage others to wake up from their apathy and do something.

Faith WITH action proves faith.

What will YOU do today to serve the church? To serve your God?  It’s not just me asking, I believe it’s Him through me today meant for YOU. Meant for ME.