It Was a Black and Blasé Friday ~ Kelly Klepfer

It was a Black and Blasé Friday…
Kelly Klepfer

Chances are if you are reading this post on Black Friday you’ve opted not to join the insanity of the biggest shopping day of the year. Or you’ve bagged your bargains and are currently glassy-eyed and completely powered by caffeine and sugar. Or possibly, you had every intention of hunting with the drooling pack but just emerged from your pumpkin pie/turkey stupor.

So why would you be reading Novel Rocket on Black Friday? For inspiration? Out of habit? Boredom? Realistically, if you fall into two of the above categories, you are not going to be able to write anything of value, including a grocery list.

Even so, if you can focus your bleary eyes, you can accomplish something writerly for the day.

This is a great day to check out an on-line bookseller for the how-to book you’ve had your eye on. You could score a pre-cyber Monday sweet deal from the comfort of your computer chair. If that is not a big enough accomplishment then…

Maybe you need to check in with some blogs you’ve been putting off reading. Bookmark them if nothing else, or subscribe by email so you can at least manage them and remember they are out there. Here’s a cool book mark tool .

If you feel ambitious, surf for your favorite writer’s conference and make a plan to attend the next one. Whether you need to adjust your budget to save, look for flight info, or figure out your calendar, today might be a great time to take care of the first step.

Get to know your characters a little better. What would they do on Black Friday? What was their Thanksgiving holiday like? Did they have one?

Use your caffeine and sugar mania or turkey lethargy to spin a unique plot twist. Do you have characters stuck in a rut? Would a family emotional drama unstick them? Use the emotions that often develop while trying to merge family of origin with current, real life. I’m pretty sure the only Normal Rockwell Thanksgiving in America is the one he painted decades ago.

Go to Netflix or Hulu and watch a few episodes of television shows you wouldn’t normally watch. Can you learn anything from timing, writing, dialogue, situations, drama, plotting or cliff hangers that can give you ideas for a new story or a new twist? People are still people with stuff and issues and family members, no matter what century you write in. Can you find something useable to add some zip to your creativity?

Maybe just reading this, shutting down the computer and curling up in your Snuggie is enough work for the day. Give yourself permission to relax and rest. After all, your feast-fueled, sleep deprived dreams may give you some great book ideas.