Are you spending your time wisely?

My friend Randy Ingermanson is a genius, and I mean it in the most sincerest, truest form of the word. He knows things I can’t possibly understand. Particle physics aside, he also knows business. He’s been helping me with my business for a few years now, helping me hone my message and make my time productive.

As a writer, I love the artistry of words, how they cadence the page. But as a mom who has a child in college, I also have to make a living with those words. I can’t write without considering my time with the piece and my return on investment.

Last night Randy called me. We chatted about our directions and he asked about my latest thoughts about my writing business. At the end of the call, he asked me, “How do you spend your time?” As he clarified, what he meant was this: In what writing activities (including marketing, interviews, blogging, handling inventory) do I make the most ROI (return on investment)? He asked me to spend some time over the next few days analyzing how I spend my time, and what activities bring the best ROI.

Of course, there are times in the frenzy of creativity where there will be no immediate monetary value. That’s intrinsic to the writing life. But I have a feeling I’m spinning my wheels a bit, wasting time here and there where I could be more strategic.

How about you? If you were to look over your week, how have you spent your time? What has garnered the most monetary ROI? Does that surprise you?