Book Launch Party #2

Last year, I was flabbergasted at the support of my local community here in Roanoke, Va. I had my first ever book party hosted at the Roanoke Libraries and it was top notch! We had food, an amazing local singer, a play based on the book (performed by local actors), a video spoof of the book, and a signing. All of it promoted heavily on the library’s magazine cover, a billboard, the local newspaper on several occasions, and a couple of local TV talk shows.

How much did all of this cost me? Not a dime if you can believe it.

This year we had a few technical difficulties but still it was very successful. I think we might have sold somewhere around 70 books, which isn’t bad but that wasn’t the main draw. The publicity surrounding it was. Again Roanoke supported a local author with the same type of media attention as the first go round. That, of course, is priceless.

Here’s the article the Roanoke Times ran.

And some paparazzi photos. You can see my parents, husband and son in the one with me.

Thanks Roanoke!