Happy News From Our Contest Winner!

We love good news, and we’re especially happy to share it with our readers!

If you’ve been following the progress of Out of the Slush Pile, Novel Journey’s Fifteen Minutes of Fame Contest, you’ll remember that last year’s Grand Prize went to Sally Apokedak for her speculative novel, The Button Girl.

In addition to her fifteen minutes of fame in this column, the award included our taking Sally’s story to agents and editors directly, circumventing their slush piles. That was the plan, but no one expected it to go quite the way it did.

Gina asked Sally to send her a proposal, which she forwarded through Jessica Dotta to Rebecca Seitz at Reclaim Management.

About half an hour after learning Gina had sent the proposal, Sally got a call that Rebeca wanted to speak with her. Short story even shorter, Rebeca and Sally loved everything they learned from one another, and Sally contracted with Rebeca as her agent.

Gina was amazed — and delighted — that one phone call was all it took. Who knew?

Sally is excited as well. Sharing Rebeca’s desire to put out quality products created from a Christian worldview, she said, “There’s some great energy at Reclaim. It all feels fresh and timely, and how much cooler can I get than a Nashville agency.” She blogs about it here.

We’re pleased with the success of our first attempt at a contest, and we’re delighted to continue last year’s experiment in 2011. If you missed the announcement about this year’s edition, check it out!

We’re currently taking entries in all categories. Historical Fiction submissions (WWII era and before) must be in by May 10, and the winner will be announced on June 13. So polish up those historicals, download and complete the entry form, and send it, along with your first chapter and synopsis, to NovelJourneyContest@gmail.com.

Who knows, maybe you’ll be our next Grand Prize winner!