What Can Novel Journey Editorial Do For You?

Everyone needs an editor. I have one, that author you love has one, we all do who are traditionally published. If you’re self-published, you should have had one too.
  • One of the best ways to spend your time before you’re published is in a critique group honing your writing skills, but if you’re getting really close to being published and still being rejected, maybe hiring an editor before you send out your proposals might be a great way to spend your money. If I could go back before I was published, I’d have done that. Why? You get one chance to cast that arrow. Editors are not looking for reasons to take you on, they’re looking for reasons to say no so that they can move on through their avalanche of other proposals. Your job is to not give them that reason. A fresh set of trained eyes can help.

Now that I’ve convinced you, (or not), let me tell you about:


Option A. 3 chapter indepth line by line edit–50.00 (Up to 25 double-spaced pages.)

Option B. 3 chapter indepth line by line edit AND synopsis edit (25 double spaced manuscript pages and synopsis 1-3 single spaced pages)–100.00

Option C. Full book proposal (includes Option B, along with proposal (marketing plan, short synopsis, copy line, etc–150.00

Option D. 2.00 page indepth line edit.

Option E. Macro edit–150.00 (First 3 chapter line by line edit along with a full read-through of your MS (manuscript), synopsis, and  a two single spaced page of suggestions what you can do to your MS to make it read better and be more saleable.

**Copy editing is also availabe at 1.00 a page from an outside copy-editor.

Interested? Email Gina HERE.