Sandra Robbins and her husband live in the small college town where she grew up. Until a few years ago she was working as an elementary school principal, but God opened the door for her to become a full-time writer. Without the help of her wonderful husband, four children, and five grandchildren who have supported her dreams, it would be impossible for her to write. As a child Sandra accepted Jesus as her Savior and has depended on Him to guide her throughout her life. It is her prayer that God will use her words to plant seeds of hope in the lives of her readers. To find out more about Sandra and her books, visit her website and her blog.
What’s in a Name?
I never really thought that Sandra Robbins was a very common name. Wrong! Wrong! There are women with that name all across the country. I should have realized that when I couldn’t get the domain name I wanted for my website. An artist already had the .com, and I had to settle for .net which is really no big deal, but it did surprise me.
Then when people in my hometown found out I had started writing, I expected the question most of them asked. “Are you writing children’s books?” This seemed to be a logical question since everybody knew me as a long time teacher and principal in the local school system. What else would I write but children’s books?
I have to admit I enjoyed watching their expressions of unbelief when I gave them the answer. “No, I write murder mysteries and suspense for the inspirational market.” It’s probably the words murder and inspirational spoken in the same sentence that caused that look of uncertainty to flash across their faces. Could the woman they’d entrusted their children really have a mind that could dream up murder and mayhem?
However, it turned out that it wasn’t only the people in my community who thought I was a children’s book author. When my third book Mountain Peril set in North Carolina was released, I received an email from the librarian at a North Carolina University wanting to know if I was the same Sandra Robbins who wrote children’s books. She needed to catalog my book with that author’s books if we were the same. I had to give her a middle initial to use so the author names could be distinguished from each other.
In addition to an artist and an author, there are many real estate agents coast to coast who are also Sandra Robbins and probably hundreds I know nothing about. No matter who they are or where they live, they’re doing the same thing each day that I do—living their lives, working, and impacting those around them. I’m really thankful to share my name with women who I’ll never meet but with whom I share a connection. I pray that each of them is as proud of their last name as I was when I gained mine the day I married my wonderful husband.
God has blessed this Sandra Robbins greatly through the years, and I give Him praise. The peace that comes from knowing He’s guiding my life each day gives me strength to face whatever may come my way. He has orchestrated my writing journey and opened up doors that have resulted in published works that also now include a historical romance.
On December 7, my next romantic suspense Yuletide Defender will release. It’s the story of determined newspaper reporter Rachel Long, police detective Matt Franklin, and a threatening gang war that are all headed for a showdown—just in time for Christmas.
Even though this is my fifth book to release, I have to admit I still got a little teary eyed when I saw the name Sandra Robbins on the cover.
Is a vigilante responsible for the murders of Lake City gang members? According to reporter Rachel Long’s anonymous source, yes. The goal is to trigger a gang war—and her investigations lead Rachel to the heart of the battlegrounds. Which is where she finds handsome officer Matthew Franklin. The protective cop wants her out of harm’s way. But she needs the raise from a big story to secure care for her special-needs sister. Rachel won’t walk away, even though the vigilante is now aiming at a determined reporter—and a tailing cop—for a showdown just in time for Christmas.