What is Hidden?

He dams up the streams from flowing, so
that he may bring to light what is hidden
. Job 28:11

There have been periods in my life when I’ve felt stuck. When dreams, relationships and creativity have been painfully stagnant. When prayers seemed to fall on deaf ears. One such period in my life lasted years. I cried out to God daily, only to face more of the same the following day. During this time, I wished God would give me a ‘no’, because that, at least, would be an answer.

During this time, I wore my knees and patience out. I knew in my mind that God’s plans for me were good, but couldn’t help but feel that I had been forgotten, could’t stop worrying that my dreams would never come true, hurts would never heal . . . that the light would never shine again.

If I’m describing what you’re going through at the moment, take heart. Sometimes stagnation, as painful and frustrating as it can be, is allowed by God to reveal what is hidden. Stop and reread what I just said, because it’s not me talking but the word of God. Sometimes stagnation is allowed, used, by God to reveal what is hidden.
During my years of being held back, I knew God was at work. I knew His nature and His love for me, because His word said so. I don’t know how I would have survived if I hadn’t had His promises to cling to but my heart didn’t always understand what my mind knew. In other words, I still hurt.
The stream of my life, love, and dreams was dammed and as months turned into years, discouragement became despair. It was during this time that God gave me the above verse.

After meditating on those words, my prayers changed from ‘get me out of this mess’ and ‘make the pain stop’ to ‘reveal the truth, no matter how painful’.
What a difference a prayer makes.
Much was revealed in my life and those around me . . . and once it was, healing began and the river started to flow again.

For some of you, your life is in limbo because of a stale relationship that you can’t seem to breathe life into. For some, you’re experiencing another type of block,(writers?), and wondering if it will ever end. For others, you’re being held back from your first contract or some other goal or dream.
I don’t know what you’re going through, but if your stream is being dammed, it may be that God is trying to reveal something to you–something that isn’t as it should be.
Ask your father to show you what so it can be dealt with. What He reveals may be painful, ugly, and even life-altering, but what’s the alternative? Water that is allowed to stagnate quickly turns sour. Streams were created to flow.