Banquets of Insignificance

Jan Dick is a farm wife from Saskatchewan, Canada. She published her first short story in 1991, and never looked back, beginning work on her first historical fiction project in 1999. Three books came in quick succession: Calm Before the Storm, Eye of the Storm and Out of the Storm, all published by Herald Press.

Philip answered him, “Eight months’ wages would not buy enough bread for each one to have a bite!” John 6:7-8

Often in this world of vast wisdom and knowledge, I feel my contribution as a Christian author is insignificant. Really, what can I offer that would make a difference to anyone? According to John 6, this is not an acceptable perspective. Check out the situation:

Five thousand hungry people and no McDonald’s in sight. It’s the disciples’ responsibility, apparently, to think of a way to feed the crowds. We focus first on Phillip. His response is practical. “There is no way we can possibly feed this crowd, not even if we had some cash on us, which we don’t.”

Another disciple makes his way quietly to Jesus… Andrew. We almost miss him. He has something in his hands. “Umm, I know it’s not much, Master, but I’ve found some bread and a coupla fish.” Without further comment, he hands them to Jesus and steps back expectantly. He’s just contributed to a miracle.

The difference between the two men? Faith. They’ve both been with Jesus, but Andrew has been learning, growing. He gathers up what is insignificant to everyone else and offers it to the Lord. Jesus uses his offering, and Andrew’s faith is catapulted to the next level. He guesses that the Master is not limited as he himself is, and thousands are blessed.

Do I trust Jesus with my writing? Do I believe He can make a banquet of my crumbs of conviction and my filets of faith? Like Andrew, let me stand back and watch for miracles.