Author/Songwriter/Performer Sandi Patty ~ Interviewed

Sandi Patty has amassed more awards than any other female vocalist in contemporary Christian music history. She has been inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame, received five Grammy ® Awards, three RIAA-certified platinum and five gold recordings. Yet it is Sandi’s down-to-earth style and strong common sense that has endeared her to Women of Faith audiences across the country, the largest women’s conference of any kind in the world. The author of six books including Falling Forward and Layers, she has also appeared on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade, The Today Show and more.

Share a bit about your journey from music to writing.

I’ve always tried to share my story through my songs so in a way telling my story has always been what has motivated my music. It has been an easy and natural transition to takes these stories and share them in writings as well.

Would you say celebrity has helped you as a writer or hindered you? And how?

I honestly feel that age and life experience has helped me in being a writer. You can’t share your story until you have a story. There are many “pages” of my story that I would love to rip out and only share the good moments. But I guess it is the good along with the bad that make it a real life story.

How did songwriting/singing/performing prepare you to write a non-fiction book offering transparent personal information?

The process in choosing songs through out the years has basically been the same. I’ve always tried to choose songs that help me share what God is doing in my life. I don’t write songs myself so I’ve had to rely on others to help me share their story. Transitioning to writing books is more of just an elaboration on what God has done, is doing, and what he continues to do in my life. And I’ve, good or bad, have a lot of life stuff to share.

What would you say to those who judge a book by it’s cover rather than the content?

I would say I understand. It’s easy for all of us to make quick assessments. But, oh, we miss so much if we stop there. We are cheating ourselves if don’t explore the content of each person’s character.

What has been your greatest, most fulfilling moment during your long, award-laden career? Why?

In my career, it would simply have to be the fulfillment of still being able to share my story and it encourage others who listen or who read about it. In my personal life, it would most definitely have to be seeing how God is at work in each of my kids lives. To see them each surrender to His will for them and for them to be actively pursuing a relationship with Him. That is the MOST fulfilling.

What advice would you give to a songwriter/performer who would like to write a book or an author who would like to write songs/perform?

The best advice I have to offer is not what people want to hear. That is simply, “bloom where you are planted”. I heard someone say the other day, “David didn’t head out to fight a giant. He simply brought lunch”. I really love that. What that says to me is show up with all you have been given to do today. If that’s the worship band, or church choir, or school teacher then be the best one you can be. Keep a journal if writing is what you want to do. Be TODAY, all God wants you to be. Let God worry about tomorrow.

What would you like our readers to take away from this interview?

I would love each reader to know that today, on this day, God is at work in your life. Just do the next right thing, today, and God is already in tomorrow working for our good.